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Nail Base

Nail Base

Smooth-e Base Coat from Essie is a nail polish that fills the uneven surfaces of the nail to provide an elegant finish.Instantly prepares nails for a smooth and uni...
From: 44,70 د.إ Save up to:
Strong Start Base Coat from Essie is a base for those who want long, strong and beautiful nails, while guaranteeing an ideal durability for your nail polish.The nai...
From: 40,65 د.إ Save up to:
Mava-Strong from Mavala is a fortifying base that manages to make damaged nails regain their normal appearance and become stronger.With a complex of microencapsulat...
From: 47,03 د.إ Save up to:
All-In-One from Essie is an integral treatment for the nails.Proper care is the most important basis for perfectly stained, healthy and beautiful nails. The nails a...
From: 29,70 د.إ Save up to:
Mavala 002 Double Action is a base coat to use before applying your colored polish. This formula stops pigments in nail polish from coming in direct contact with th...
From: 60,54 د.إ Save up to:
Mavala Ridge-Filler is a base coat to fill in ridges of the nail plate and create a uniform smooth nail surface, perfect for polish to adhere to. Plus helps polish ...
From: 32,72 د.إ Save up to:
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