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26 Mar

Makeup: To Do or Not to Do?

Makeup: To Do or Not to Do?

Applying makeup according with society standards can be a nightmare for most women. However, some of the makeup rules we've come to know are obsolete and we can go around them with the right help.

1 – Red lipstick isn't suitable for everyone

Red lipstick is always on trend. However, a few specialists say that the color doesn't suit every skin tone, and this is totally wrong. There are dozens of red-shaded lipsticks, you just need to choose the one that best suits you.

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2 – Mascara can be used until it dries out

In fact, mascaras only have a three-month expiration date, after you open it. Wearing it after this period can cause eye infections due to the accumulation of bacteria.

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3 – It isn't necessary to wash your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes should be washed every two usages, so they can always stay clean and bacteria-free.

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4 – You can wear waterproof mascara everyday

Waterproof mascara should only be used on extreme rainy days or in special occasions. The continued usage of this type of mascara can damage your eyelashes as it is ultra-resistant and extremely hard to remove.

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5 – Concealer should be applied before the foundation

Foundation is supposed to be the first thing you put on (after a moisturizer). The concealer should be applied afterwards, so that your look appears more natural.

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6 – Foundation ruins your skin

A high-quality foundation is actually good for your skin, as it protects and moisturizes it. You just need to be careful and apply one that suits your skin tone.

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7 – Eyebrows should be two tones darker than your hair

This words in people with light-colored hair. But if you're a brunette you should avoid this trick as it will give a heavier look to your face.

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8 – Blue eyeshadow is not fashionable

Blue eyeshadows will always be fashionable, you just need to adapt their use to newer trends, like wearing it with an eyeliner on top.

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9 – Primer equals moisturizer

Nothing replaces a moisturizing cream. Primers are ok to give extra benefits to your skin and it should be worn with and not instead of a moisturizer.

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10 – You don't need to remove your makeup before going to bed

Everybody has done this. But removing your makeup at the end of the day is essential, as makeup will block your pores and won't allow the skin to regenerate nor hydrate during the night.

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