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21 Apr

How to put makeup on the eyebrows

How to put makeup on the eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face, as they adorn the look and provide a special and unique appearance. Its shape or thickness can make all the difference in the expression.


Also, a good eyebrow makeup helps to highlight the eyes. Thus, in addition to having beautiful eyebrows, the goal is also to match the different features of the face and let it balanced.


First, if you have a few hairs out of place that change the way that you want to have your eyebrows, the ideal is to use a hair removal. However, note that full eyebrows are very beautiful and that the goal should not be to lose them or to leave them too thin.


Start using a shadow or a pencil. Do not forget that you should always choose two tones more than your hair, if dark, and two tones less if it is very light (blond or red).

If you choose a shadow, apply it to the brush in the direction of hair growth, seeking to fill the white spaces and shape the brow to make it perfect. Do not overdo the product to not stain the eye; it is preferable to go little by little and apply more if necessary.


01 02


If you choose the pencil for eyebrows, you must draw a line across the eyebrow, also in the direction of hair growth, and smudge with a brush. If you find that after the first application it needs more, draw another line and repeat the process.


03 04


Comb the eyebrows with a special comb in order to make them completely straight and ready for makeup.


05 06


Once the makeup is applied, it is recommended to use a transparent mascara to set the shadow or the pencil. Place the product in small quantities so that the result does not seem sticky or greasy.


07 08


Once you are used to, put makeup on eyebrows will be a matter of minutes. The main secret is simple: do not overdo the quantity of products placed. Try these tricks now and see the results!


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