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Makeup Accessories

Makeup Accessories

What it is and what it is for?


Makeup brushes are tools with bristles, used for applying makeup or face painting.
We may not use many brushes, like makeup artists, but we must equip ourselves with the essentials to help simplify and improve the makeup task.
Makeup sponges are used to uniform and remove excess skin, the larger ones are used to contour the face and the smaller ones are used to finish corners. Also perfect for applying the broker with precision.
The eyebrow brushes are used to straighten the little threads that are above the eyes. There are several makeup tricks that can be done with this accessory.


Which types exist and what are their differences?


Foundation brush - Helps spread the foundation well, making it imperceptible and without unsightly stains on the face. It is essential that it is of good quality, with bristles that do not break, so that they do not leave marks on the face.

Eyeshadow brush - The bristles of this brush must be round and of good quality, in order to achieve a natural effect, as well as a perfect fusion of the shadows on the eyelids, without accumulating product.

Eyeliner brush - If you need to use a gel eyeliner or a dark shade, you will need a brush of this nature. The bristles must be dense and short, to allow a more precise and flawless application.

Powder/blush brush - There are specific brushes for powders and specific brushes for blush and, ideally, you should use two different ones for these two purposes.

Sponge - Sponges with a velvety texture are the most suitable for a smooth finish. If they are drop-shaped, even better, as this makes it easier to cover smaller and more delicate areas.

Eyebrow brush - In addition to combing the hair of the region and leaving the makeup with a more professional finish, it helps to remove the excess of the mascara and facilitates the smudging of the eyes too.

Sharpener - allows you to achieve more precise and striking features, leaving the make-up beautiful and flawless. They are available in several sizes, including double.


What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


Most accessory packaging is made of plastic with a parallelepiped shape, which can be small or large sizes.


What to take into account when choosing makeup accessories?


Before choosing a product you may want to try the product to see if it is comfortable and good quality, should also see if the material it is not too thorny to not irritate the skin.


What are the recommendations for use and tips?


Applying foundation all over the face is a task that can be streamlined with a larger brush, with an area large enough to spread the product.
As for brokers, brushes with a smaller head should be used to reach specific points on the face that need to be repaired.
Narrow and flat, the small version of the cat's tongue is ideal for more general coverage, while the kabuki can hide spots, dark circles and acne marks more easily, since they concentrate product.
Short, flat and chamfered bristle brushes allow you to create defined, error-free lines.


What are the pros and cons of using makeup accessories?


A good brush helps to fix the makeup on the skin throughout the day. And for that, you don't need to make a big investment in expensive brushes, there are several brushes with affordable price and incredible quality.
The sponge allows the product to penetrate better into the pores, ensuring greater durability of the makeup.



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