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Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Brand history


The Christian Dior brand is a brand known for its great luxury in several countries. In 1947 he created a division called Parfums Christian Dior. Her first release was the Miss Dior fragrance. He launched his first line of lipsticks composed of eight shades of red.
Explosion Of Color is a complete and modern make-up line composed of blush, powders, eyeliner.
In 1973, it launched the first line of skin care products.
And just as Christian Dior tried to express his brand, it is not only beautiful, but to shock.


Concept and objectives


Christian Dior is a brand from the city of Paris, a company that designs and markets everyday products such as fragrances, makeup and skin products. Its aim is to provide its consumers with the highest quality products, which provide them with well-being and, of course, beautiful, young and clean skin. Similarly, it aims to create a fun, welcoming environment that encourages customers to explore their creativity and explore their personal styles.


What to take into account when choosing this brand?


Christian Dior offers a visible transformation of the skin and total anti-aging correction with a glowing healthy skin and making it look visibly stronger and looking younger.
However, you must take into account your skin type because the skins are not all the same, and they do not receive the same treatments in the same way. That is why it is important to know your skin type before risking any product that may cause skin reactions and even do the opposite effect to the desired one.


Christian Dior's collections


Capture Totale – This line combines 20 years of pioneering stem cell research with the power of Dior floral science to offer visible skin transformation and total anti-aging correction. The skin glows healthily and looks noticeably stronger and looks younger.


Capture Youth – An innovative antioxidant regime, this range actively delays the appearance of signs of aging, while retaining the youthful potential of the skin. Its personalized approach meets the needs of each specific skin type.


Hydra Life – It is a range that reveals textures that provide spectacular hydration and freshness, for a skin naturally radiant and tempered with water.


One Essential – A fundamental daily step, this range helps the skin to eliminate toxins every day and regenerate itself for greater youth and radiance. As the first step in a routine, it increases the effectiveness of other skin products.


Prestige – Since 1999, this range offers the extraordinary life force of Rose de Granville in its exceptional skin products: a double regenerating and perfecting action for a definitive flowering of the skin and the senses.


The most popular products of the brand


Rouge Dior is a lipstick with a palette of colors with iconic reds, vibrant corals, passionate pinks, romantic rosebushes and extreme and surprising matte tones. A real object of desire. Rouge Dior comes with a new haute couture case crafted with little secret details: for a touch of personal luxury, the inside of each lipstick is coated in the tone of Rouge 999, Dior's flamally sexy signature.


Dior Homme Intense should be worn like a tuxedo. The third perfume at Dior Homme is the most daring of the chapter: Eau de Parfum for an intense, sophisticated and sensual evening. The heart of the Iris flower is its signature line. This version has been subtly enhanced by touches of musk and hibiscus seeds.


Dior Prestige Le Néctar de Nuit is a night serum to regenerate the skin and fight against a few hours of sleep. Marked expression marks, dull skin, tired face, the skin also suffers from lack of sleep. This concentrate acts on micro-inflammations that cause premature aging of the most delicate skins. Once attacked, the skin regenerates badly and ages more quickly, so, designed to help correct these harmful effects, Le Nectar by Nuit Dior Prestige was specially developed with the buds of the first bloom of the Granville rose. This fresh and light texture offers a repairing and regenerating action night after night, leaving the skin brighter and thinner.


Hydra Life Oil To Milk Makeup Removing Cleanser is a highly effective makeup remover. After contact with water, this makeup removal oil becomes a rich and creamy emulsion. Its nourishing sweet almond oil deeply cleanses all types of makeup and impurities from the face and eyes, without leaving an oily residue. Instantly free of all impurities that your skin contains, not only because of makeup. It makes your skin intensely nourished and regains its natural velvety finish. Equally effective for waterproof makeup.


Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is a foundation that thanks to the unique experience of Dior laboratories, instantly ensures a long lasting extra matte finish, providing a light and non-powdery coverage on your skin. It also allows the skin to absorb a protector that gives it a pore-free effect. This non-greasy mousse creates a surprising sensation on the skin, as it turns at your fingertips and melts almost imperceptibly, leaving only a second layer of extra matte skin.


Addict Lip Maximizer is a gloss that has a fresh and delicate flavor of mint and vanilla. Rich in collagen, it not only provides a greater contribution to the organism, but also encourages the production of collagen so that the results are prolonged over time. In just 15 days you can see this difference.



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