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21 Feb

Tied hair, damaged hair?!

Tied hair, damaged hair?!

Tying the hair is part of the daily lives of many women, either because it is practical, because it is fashionable or because of work. However, tying the hair every day can cause breaks in the strings. This factor, together with the lack of care in capillary treatment, sometimes causes the damage to be almost irreversible. Here are some common mistakes when we tie the hair.

1 – Tying too hard/while wet

The hair needs to breathe. When the hair is tied with too much strength, the threads are gaining tension until finally they break apart or, in more severe cases, it even contributes to the hair loss. The same goes for wet hair. For this not to happen the ideal is not to give so many turns to the elastic, to wait for the hair to dry and to use a spray of fixation so that the hairstyle does not dissolve.

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2 – To tie the hair to go to sleep

In addition to causing tension in the strings, sleeping with the hair tied, causes friction between the hair and the cushion. If it is really necessary to tie the hair to sleep, the ideal is to make a loose braid and use a hook or soft elastic to tie it. Even so, nourishing the hair is essential and therefore it is necessary to use a repairing and protective mask 1 to 2 times a week.

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3 – To tie the hair every day without being necessary

Some women walk with their hair always tied in order to hide the volume. But it is necessary to release the hair and let it breathe. In the case of extremely bulky hair, we advise you to invest in a comb or a leave-in cream.

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4 – Always tie in the same way

Each time the hair is tied, it becomes more sensitive. Therefore, locking it always in the same place ends up weakening this specific point of the strand, eventually breaking. The only solution is to avoid always using the same hairstyle and to select a brush that prevents hair breakage.

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