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20 May

Men's fragrances to wear at work

Men's fragrances to wear at work

A decent look is an elementary requirement to make a respectable impression and the choice of a good perfume is also part of it. In the corporate environment, it can even help you in closing a deal, selling an idea or even getting a promotion.

The main care you have to take is to be well-noticed, without becoming the center of attention, in a negative aspect. Excessive visual information can damage you and the use of a very strong perfume can not only cause a bad impression, but can also mark you negatively.

For the job, the advice is to use relatively mild fragrances, referring to the citrus, fougère or woody family. Avoid excessive fruity notes or very sweetened essences.

Be careful not to put too much and contaminate the environment, bothering people around. Applying perfume in excess saturates the nose of those who use it, so that the person does not notice that he exaggerated on the amount of fragrance used.

The important thing is not to impose your scent on others, but rather to convey a posture of maturity and a respectable attitude at work. Check below for some masculine scents suitable for the job.

Y Eau De Parfum, by Yves Saint Laurent, is a legendary fragrance. The perfume counts on apple and sage in its notes and a woody background to give identity to the confident man.

Aqva Pour Homme, by Bvlgari, is a perfume for those looking for a fragrance that is striking and elegant for everyday life. The label has marine notes combined with citrus aromas. To complement, a woody finish of cedar gives more personality to the perfume.

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Armani Code Ice, by Giorgio Armani, is a lighter and refreshing version of the classic Ice, more suitable for the job. This fragrance, wooded by tonka bean, gains a spice aroma, combining with mint, lemon and subtle sweet notes.

Boss Bottled, by Hugo Boss, is a perfume that reflects the elegance of the brand that was known for its men's clothing. Woody notes combine apple, bergamot, cinnamon, cloves and cedar wood.

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212 Men, by Carolina Herrera, is one of the most sought after perfumes. This fragrance offers more impressive notes, however, can be used every day, in professional environments. The label features woody notes, floral, spices, lavenders and ginger.

Invictus, by Paco Rabanne, is a fresh oriental scent, with citrus notes that combine woody and spicy. Goes very well with the day-to-day. It is versatile and can be used in both hot and cold climates.

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Polo Blue, a classic by Ralph Lauren, blends well with the day and is recommended for summer, for having a gentle and refreshing fragrance. The notes of mandarin, mint, musk and leather give personality to the perfume.

CK One, by Calvin Klein, is a light refreshing scent with a citrus combination with bergamot, cardamom, tangerine and lavender. Green tea and orange blossom complete the signature, accompanying you during the day.

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