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11 Aug

10 Tips for Younger Hair!

10 Tips for Younger Hair!

Maintaining healthy and fit hair is not always easy. But with the help of the right products and good habits, this task can be made easier by ensuring you get the strongest, healthiest hair you want.



1. Don't forget the conditioner


If you wash your hair constantly and ignore the conditioner, it will damage it and make it frizzy, giving it an aged look. Most women avoid using conditioner because they feel it makes their hair heavy, which doesn't happen if they find the right product. But if you don't find one that suits you, a spray conditioner is a great alternative.



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If you have dyed hair, leave the savings aside and apply conditioner to the roots. Try, for example, Schwarzkopf's Excellium Taming Conditioner for curling hair and control split ends or Schwarzkopf's Color Freeze, which ensures intensifying hair color and shine.



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2. Follow a high protein diet


Make sure you eat quality proteins such as meat, fish, eggs and nuts especially for breakfast. If you think your diet is lacking in protein, take a supplement. Yo-yo diets can also cause premature hair loss and thinning of your hair. Therefore, avoid them.



3. Change your look


A modern cut instantly rejuvenates.


- If you have a round face, there is a recommended cut. Shoulder-length hair thin the face and a sideways streak or fringe enhances the cheekbones. Avoid chin and volume cuts around the ears.
- If you have an oval face, you can handle a geometric cut as well as a long stairway starting at eye level to widen the face. Avoid straight cuts. 
- If you have a square face, it is easier. Both layered cuts that frame the ears and stepped to the shoulder line soften the jaw. Long bangs disguise too large brows.
- If you have a heart shaped face, take a chance on a pixie, but if you have wavy hair and like length, try a bob. Some volume between the chin and shoulders balances the triangular shape of the face.



4. Get a weekly treatment


Once a week, take some extra time for your hair and take a deeper treatment to reduce dryness and enhance shine. Seskavel's Seskavel Intensive Treatment Anti-Aging Mask provides hair protection from the passage of time and external aggression.


Nutri-Enrich Warming Express Mask Invigo by Wella Professionals is a treatment that gives shine and smoothness to dry hair.


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5. Turn up the volume


Make use of styling foams and sprays and combine them with specific shampoos and conditioners. They work! For example, Redken's Curvaceous line.







After washing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it. And don't take to heart the myth that you should brush your hair a hundred times before bed. Too much combing can damage your hair, many experts warn.


6. Say goodbye to the yellow strands


Gray hair is more susceptible to sun damage as it lacks the natural pigment that acts as an anti-UV protector. The sun dries the hair and makes it yellow. To counteract this shade use a specific gray hair shampoo, such as L'Oréal Professionel's Silver Shampoo, which revives the color and lightness of your hair, protecting it against yellowing.





7. Let your hair sleep


At night it is essential to recover from environmental aggressions, such as pollution or UV radiation, which means that the hair ages. Take advantage of the darkness and apply a night treatment such as René Furterer's Shea Nutri Nuit Capillaire, a high-hydrating regenerating night care that leverages sleep hours to deeply regenerate dry, damaged hair. To minimize damage, use a silk pillowcase to soften and soothe the cuticles.







8. Weight and measure sideboards


At 40, women can perfectly have long hair if they keep it well-groomed and in excellent condition with regular grooming and weekly conditioning treatments. If hydration is guaranteed, the hair will be healthier and consequently rejuvenated.






9. Put a brake on the locks


When white hair begins to appear, many try to disguise it with locks. In some cases, this solution has the opposite effect, accentuating the aged air of the hair. Alternatively, give your hair a permanent or semi-permanent color to a depth like yours. After you have dyed your hair, make a few strands around your face and on the lower layers. This will give you an intense and bright color.






10. Short hair is not required


Many women take a dramatically short cut because they find it more practical, even if it makes them look twenty years older. Smooth cuts and some texture, volume and movement are much more favorable.


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