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Body Moisturizer

Body Moisturizer

What it is and what it is for?


Moisturizing the body's skin is an indispensable care in the skin care routine. With this action, the skin remains beautiful, soft and with a healthy appearance.
Hydration is the replacement or retention of water molecules in the most superficial layers of the skin. Moisturizing the skin, it is not only softer and more beautiful, but also protected against the external aggressions of everyday life. In this way, daily hydration prevents flaking, itching, roughness and sensitivity.


What are the most used ingredients and their function?


Body moisturizing care have several ingredients, the most effective and common being the following:
Ceramides, lipids that keep the skin barrier strong and healthy, sealing moisture in the skin, which promotes intense hydration. The more hydrated, the younger the skin looks.
Essential fatty acids, that is, healthy fats, are excellent ingredients to help retain skin moisture, to keep it healthy and shiny. Olive oil, avocado, almond oil and shea butter are good examples.
Glycerin, has the ability to prevent the skin from losing moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and free from dryness.
Hyaluronic acid, a great moisturizer that also helps to firm the skin.
PCA sodium, an ingredient with water-absorbing properties. Water is essential to help maintain the necessary moisture in the skin cells, fighting aging and dryness.
Peptides, amino acids that help the skin to produce collagen.


Which types exist and what are their differences?


Moisturizers are a skin care that has several types: creams, balms, lotions, fluids, gel, gel-cream, oils and milks.
The great difference between these moisturizing cares is its texture, some of which are more suitable than others for each type of skin.
Creams and balms, as they are more incorporated and thicker, are indicated for dry skin, which needs more intense hydration. Sublime Melting Cream by Collistar is a great cream, and a reference balm is Baume Nourrissante Apaisant by Jowaé.
The lotion has a light texture and is absorbed more easily, providing a moderate moisturizing effect. That said, for normal and mixed skin, it is the most suitable type of moisturizer, for example PH5 Lotion by Eucerin.
As for moisturizing oils, they promote a high hydrating power, being a good option for dry and very dry skin, such as Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil by Aveeno.
The gel and gel-cream offer intense hydration and are light in texture. Thus, they do not leave the skin oily after use, that is, they are ideal for mixed skins. In addition, they are easy to apply and quickly absorbed, for example Super Aqua-Gel Perfecting Hydration by Guerlain.
Milk and moisturizing fluid are inconsistent and highly absorbent, but are richer in nourishing and protective active ingredients, such as Sesvitamin-C Radiance Glowing Body Milk by Sesderma and Lipikar Fluide by La Roche Posay.


What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


The packaging of moisturizers can have a wide range, always depending on its type, that is, if it is cream, lotion, etc.
In the case of creams, the most common packaging is jar, tube and dozer. Its most frequent amount is 50ml to 400ml.
The balms can be presented in tubes and jars, and their quantities vary from 30ml, 200ml to 400ml.
As for lotions, the packages are dozers, in tube or bottle. Their most frequent sizes are 50ml, 200ml, 400ml and 1000ml.
In the case of fluids, the packages are also dozers, tubes or bottles, with exceptions. Its most frequent size can range from 100ml to 750ml.
The moisturizers in gel or gel-cream can be in dozer, jar and tube and their sizes range from 50ml to 250ml.
The oils are usually in a dispenser or bottle and the sizes are 100ml, 200ml and 400ml.
Finally, milks are dosing or tube packaging and their quantity varies between 40ml, 50ml and 100ml.


What to take into account when choosing a body moisturizer?


When choosing a moisturizing care, it is very important to assess your skin type and see if the treatment you want corresponds to the same. Otherwise, it may cause adverse effects to those desired.
You should choose a care that contains at least some of the ingredients mentioned above, as these ingredients are really beneficial and provide several privileges to your skin.
Finally, choose a moisturizer with SPF15 or higher and apply it every day. The best way to fight the damage to the skin caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays is to put on sunscreen every day, that is, if you choose a moisturizer that already has sun protection, it will be very beneficial for the skin.
Avoid dyes and perfumes, especially if the goal is to moisturize dry or sensitive skin, as these ingredients can irritate the skin.


What are the recommendations for use and tips?


In order to improve your experience with the moisturizer, the most important, as mentioned earlier, is the choice of the product. That is, assess the needs of your skin and look for a product adapted to it.
When applying moisturizer, do not put it in excess, otherwise the skin will have difficulty absorbing it, which can cause excess oil in the skin.
Before application, make sure that you have cleaned the skin thoroughly so that the care penetrates the skin in the best way and apply it gently so as not to irritate the skin.
You can also apply the moisturizer on damp skin, in order to absorb better and have more effect.


What are the pros and cons of using a body moisturizer?


Body moisturizers improve the condition of the skin, since it is effectively hydrated, but we must also take into account the disadvantages.
In certain cases, allergic reactions can be triggered by these products. In such cases, it will be important to check the composition of the product and make sure that none of them could be harmful to the skin.
On the other hand, depending on the purpose of the care, it can bring numerous benefits, such as: deeply moisturizes the skin; prevents dry skin; maintains moisture on the skin; revitalizes and regenerates the tissue; improves skin luminosity; neutralizes free radicals; prevents skin blemishes; prevents premature aging; controls excess sebum in the skin.



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