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29 Jan

The Elancyl Method

The Elancyl Method

Elancyl Laboratoire's mission for 45 years has been to offer all women affordable anti-cellulite care with proven effectiveness. This care was designed to visibly reduce cellulite and help women maintain a defined silhouette regardless of their age. Easy and pleasant care in constant innovation for continuity of treatment and greater efficiency.


The virtues of massage have been known for a long time. By mobilizing tissues through prolonged contact with the hand, it stimulates local exchange functions through the lymphatic network. The temperature of the massaged areas increases, activating their vascularization. However, cellulite occurs precisely in the parts of the body where exchanges are delayed. The massage works by draining and decongesting the tissues. The fat is gradually eliminated, the skin is smooth and the ripple effect is erased.



Active ingredients:

[CCaffeine Complex]3D is a unique complex of anti-rigidity active ingredients: the result of 10 years of research, [Complex Caffeine] 3D combines an unprecedented combination of exceptional active ingredients with demonstrated effectiveness: ivy, caffeine and for the first time, an active ingredient unique vegetable, the salacia, which acts directly on the rigidity of the connective tissue, one of the main responsible for the orange peel skin aspect.

The duo of active ingredients Cecropia / Caffeine, thanks to their unique action on the entire lipolytic degradation chain, which allows to transform the triglycerides contained in the adipocyte into free fatty acids, in the form in which they can be eliminated.

Booster GP4G, a revolutionary active ingredient in anti-cellulite, a molecule obtained through marine biotechnology that promotes cell activation by stimulating metabolism during sleep.




The Elancyl method has stood out since the beginning, combining the effectiveness of an exclusive anti-cellulite massage protocol with the powerful powers of botanical ingredients and the sensual appeal of textures that you will love.



The Elancyl slimming method is still a pioneer now. However, it remains surprisingly easy, combining repetition, perseverance and massage: 3 essential pillars for a successful weight loss regime.



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