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Brand history


If you want skin that is younger and full of energy, you can keep an eye on Biotherm products. The brand originated from the incredible discoveries and wonderful ingredients found in the hot springs at Molig Les Bains in the Pyrenees. The name of the new brand is derived from the combination of the syllables of the word BIOlogist (the company's founder's profession) and THERMAL Plankton (an ingredient present in all products).
The brand has advanced cosmetic technology. Over the years, the brand has become a new luxury item in consumers' lives, along with happiness and excellence.


Concept and objectives


Biotherm is a French brand with a unique concept, its excellent cosmetics provide environmental sustainability. In addition to protecting the ecosystem, the product also incorporates a legendary ingredient, a medicinal plant that has incredible properties due to its rejuvenating effect when in contact with the skin.
Day after day, Biotherm cosmetics can replenish the skin's natural moisturizing ingredients, moisturize the skin and restore its natural glow.
And so, in addition to providing environmental sustainability, Biotherm prioritizes treating your skin.


What to take into account when choosing this brand?


When choosing the Biotherm brand, you should take into account your skin type, in order to know the type of product you need to use for the treatment you intend to do.
It is advisable to test the product first to see if it does not cause any type of allergy or skin irritation, even causing the opposite effect to the desired one, due to the wrong choice of product.
The exceptional composition of its products obtains energy, above all, from water, the natural element that is at the origin of life.
Water, thanks to its exceptional biological characteristic, is in perfect harmony with human skin and manages to regenerate and protect it in an extraordinary way.
Biotherm represents numerous high quality skin care products such as fresh and enchanting fragrances with natural notes.


Biotherm's Collections


Homme Supreme - To obtain a more even, firmer, much more radiant and youthful skin tone, just use the Anti-aging cream from this range, which promises fast and excellent effects.


Pure.fect - A global anti-imperfection technology. Makes your skin clean and has invisible pores. A feeling of freshness and comfort on your skin at the end of every use of this range. This range will reveal the crystal purity of your skin.


Blue Therapy - Take care of your skin by repairing existing damage and targeting visible signs of aging. This is the targeted, nature-driven, anti-aging skin care solution.


Deo Pure - A complete line of deodorants against body odors. Deodorants seal the underarm pores, resulting in less perspiration and preventing the appearance of unwanted marks.


Aquasource - The number 1 hydration range in Europe. Iconic moisturizing formulas with extra charge on Life Plankton regenerator to bring your skin to optimal health. For all women concerned about dehydration, numbness, irregularity and fatigue. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Life Plankton - For a new-born skin in 8 days the ideal solution is to use this range. A range created to boost skin regeneration, achieving a visibly healthy and flawless complexion. This range contains a rare living natural ingredient with extraordinary skin healing powers.


Biosource - This range offers your skin glow and health. You will get a deeply purified and radiant skin thanks to Biosource. Only the pleasure remains.


The most popular products of the brand


Force Supreme Sérum is a reedifying, perfecting and anti-wrinkle treatment with blue algae extract and pro-xylane. Advanced technology to improve the quality of skin structures to support time-marked facial features.


Day Control 72h Non Stop is an antiperspirant roll-on deodorant of extreme efficacy for 72 hours. Anti-moisture and anti-odor effectiveness. Seals the underarm pores, resulting in less perspiration and preventing the appearance of unwanted marks. Leaves no traces on the skin. Tested under dermatological control.


Purefect Skin Gel Nettoyant is a purifying cleansing gel. For perfectly clean, pure and visibly matte skin this is the ideal gel. Forms a delicate foam that leaves an immediate feeling of freshness on the skin without leaving it dry.


Blue Therapy Multi-Defender is the 1st anti-aging cream that will protect your skin against UVB, UVA and pollution. Most signs of aging are due to outdoor exposure. Currently, daily protection creams only protect 25% of them.


Aquapower Gel Douche is a shower gel that purifies and hydrates the skin, thus eliminating residues, toxins and impurities from your skin. This formula is paraben free and enriched with the properties of plankton to provide maximum freshness and hydration to your skin.


Aquasource Creme was created to deeply rehydrate the various cell layers. Biotherm recreates Aquasource, its 1st re-impregnation cream for more intense, long-lasting and deep hydration. Its rich texture is ideal for dry skin.


Deo Pure Invisible Roll On is a long-lasting deodorant. This invisible antiperspirant formula fights bad odors with antibacterial agents and leaves skin subtly fresh and floral. Provides long lasting results up to 48 hours without sweating or perspiration. Seals the underarm pores, resulting in less perspiration and preventing the appearance of unwanted marks.


Blue Therapy Uplift Night Cream is an enveloping cream that melts into the skin, is composed of red algae providing a skin restructure, leaving it firm, with a comforting sensation and with fraction peptide that increases all types of collagen synthesis essential for skin elasticity.



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