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12 Apr

Tips to be perfumed for more time

Tips to be perfumed for more time

To get a scent to last a long time, you should follow a few precautions. There are no miraculous formulas that, hours after applying, you still feel as if you had just put the perfume. However, if you follow a few tips you can really get to perpetuate your favorite fragrance.

Take care of the perfume

The ideal is to keep the scent in the wardrobe and not in the bathroom, because exposure to light, changes in temperature and humidity are factors that affect the scent and may even change its smell and its duration. You can also keep it in the box, because the paper is one more layer of protection.

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Prepare and moisturize the skin

Since the oily skin perfume maintained for more time while in the dry duration is smaller, you should be prepared depending on your skin type. Moisturize the skin causes the perfume to be better received and therefore to last longer. If you don’t have a lotion in the same line of perfume, you should choose a neutral or a very gentle in order to not make great mixtures of odors.

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Locate the application

Besides applying the perfume on bare skin, you should locate it. Thus, put the perfume behind the ears, inside the wrists, inside the elbows, on the back of the neck, behind the knees and on the inside of the ankles.

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Reinforce the application

The fabric is less warm than the skin, so the perfume takes longer to evaporate. Thus, apply also on the clothing. But beware: there are colorful perfumes that can stain tissues naturally sensitive to alcohol. You may also, after dressing the bra, perfume the neckline area (do not do it if the bra is silk).

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Reapply throughout the day

As mentioned, there are no miracles. Eventually the scent fades. However, before reapplying, think if your olfaction is not settled. If this is the case, you can choose to have different scents and use on different days, for your olfaction does not get too used to it.

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