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10 Jan

The choice of the perfect perfume

The choice of the perfect perfume

The choice of a perfume can sometimes become a nightmare, either by the size of the perfume or even by its aroma, but the perfect perfume may be just around the corner...

There are perfumes with which we easily identify and others that we do not want close, for this same reason in 1992 the perfume expert Michael Edwards started the classification of perfumes by olfactory families.

A perfume is a unique combination of notes that result in a certain aroma, the predominance of certain notes gives each perfume its own personality.

If you have already found your ideal perfume you will now be able to see which olfactory family belongs and maybe discover other fragrances that please you.


Composed of wood (sandalwood, cedar, patchouli) that result in drier and less sweet aromas. You may feel in the perfumes of this family touches of cinnamon, earth or tobacco, usually with more pungent natural notes. They confer to those who use elegance and seduction.

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Composed of the blend of ingredients, the aromatic fragrances excel by the mixture of citrus aromas, lavenders and often oriental spices. The scent reveals boldness and exuberance through modern notes such as white flowers and tangerine, with rustic aromas such as lavender, wood and greens.

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Citrus fruits

Fresh, light and striking fragrances thanks to the citrus aromas of lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, among others.
The perfumes of this family are perfect for everyday life because they convey freshness, energy and good mood.

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Floral scents are by far the most popular, especially for women as they are fresh and sensual fragrances resulting from the blending of jasmine, rose, gardenia and other flower bouquets. Women like to use them at any time of year but with predominance for the spring and summer months that is when the flowers open.

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A blend of natural ingredients, perfumes with fruity notes are the result of blending peaches, strawberries, and some citrus notes. But, unlike the citrus, in this family dominate the sweetest notes, always maintaining a lot of lightness and freshness. These perfumes are perfect for hot days.

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Sophisticated, chic and stylish. Orientals excel in the exuberance of hot, spicy notes such as vanilla, cinnamon and orchids.

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