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Brand history


Shiseido was established in 1872. Shiseido was the first to develop moisturizing lotion, a mild liquid, their oldest moisturizing lotion is called "Eudermine". The lotion was developed in response to lead poisoning of Japanese women who wore makeup. As a photographer and artist, Shinzo created the logo, the brand's original symbol, the Camellia flower, which remains the same today. In 1917, Shiseido introduced the "Rainbow Face Powder" The idea of a seven-tone face powder was a novelty at a time in Japan when it was the norm to use white powder on their faces, making their faces whiter. In 2014, the brand launched one of the most innovative products in its history, Ultimune, a serum that makes the skin more resistant, brighter and healthier.


Concept and objectives


Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, being of Japanese origin. In fact, it is the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world, but the largest in Japan. Its main objective is to provide its consumers with the most beautiful, younger, cleaner, and of course the best well-being skin, all of this with its excellent products. After many studies they try to prove what they believe most, that beauty is more than what is visible to the eye - beauty is sensitive to nature, climate, light and color, all five senses and many details of life itself.


What to take into account when choosing this brand?


It is very important to know which are the most beneficial cosmetics you can use according to your skin type, age or how to apply them correctly. The skins are not all the same, and consequently they don't receive the same treatments in the same way. That's why it's important to know your skin type first before risking any adverse reactions by using products that don't suit your skin type, as they can even do the opposite of what you want.


The Shiseido Collections


Benefiance – Ensuring younger, more resistant, filled and hydrated skin, this range works on skin cells to fight and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.


Defend Beauty – Effectively removes excess dull surface skin cells, pollutants and oxidized substances. Leaves skin clean, clear, radiant, refreshed and looking healthy.


Essential Energy – t is a line of hydrating and energizing skin care that illustrates the enormous potential in this new universe: neuroscience applied to cosmetics. For a fresh, energized look.


Future Solution LX – Offers the skin unparalleled care and stimulates its natural ability to regenerate. The skin becomes more and more perfect after using this range.


Global Body – Promoting the natural skin renewal cycle, this range has the function of providing you with a new vitality to your skin.


Synchro Skin – In addition to adapting to any skin tone, this range manages to restore vitality to a dull and fatigued complexion.


Ultimune – Promotes the skin's ability to defend its ideal condition, defying worries now and over time. Your skin feels smooth, supple and deeply radiant, with unshakable energy from within.


Vital Perfection – Provides a lifting effect and provides firmness to the skin. Inspired by the latest holistic research in skin science, neuroscience and other areas of human health, Shiseido has developed this revolutionary, multi-faceted skin revitalizing solution that unlocks your skin's potential.


Waso – This range has the function of balancing, hydrating and controlling the shine of your skin, leaving it with the healthiest possible appearance.


The most popular products of the brand


Kajal InkArtist Shadow, Liner, Brow is a 4-in-1 eye pencil that acts as an eyeliner, pencil, shadow and color for your eyebrows. The smudge-proof, crease-proof, waterproof and tear-proof formula provides a high-impact pigment with even glide and a light feel. Its soft tip is precise enough to create a thin, smooth stroke along the inner eyeline, and it's also wide enough to be easily used across the entire eyelid. A detachable sharpener keeps the tip ready for maximum precision, while a built-in sponge can be used to blend for a perfect, smoky finish.


Future Solution Eye And Lip Contour Cream is a highly concentrated cream that promotes skin regeneration, particularly around the eyes and lips. This cream fights the signs of age and fatigue, making it more flexible, firm and luminous. Easily absorbed, leaves skin luminous and velvety, visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.


Replenishing Body Cream is a high-performance cream that helps restore skin texture, reducing the impact of cellulite. It contains yuzu seed that provides an increase in collagen production and fixation, as well as acting on cellulite, reducing the formation of fat deposits. Contains hyaluronic acid that reduces cellulite reappearance.


Future Solution Concentrate Balancing Softener is an essential soothing tonic to help renew the skin's vital forces and thrive. Improves skin texture and quality with exclusive ingredients that focus on the source of problems such as skin irregularities. This product leaves the skin with a rejuvenated effect and a more luminous complexion.


Benefiance Nutriperfect Eye Serum is an anti-aging eye serum specially prepared for the eye area and ideal for mature skin, women aged 50 and over. Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Eye Serum provides a cocktail of essential nutrients and moisture to combat the visible signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate of the entire face. Due to hormonal changes that occur in the female body, it becomes even thinner and more fragile with age, losing its elasticity. Advanced formula that helps to increase the skin's resistance and regenerate it for a young, healthy look.


Sports BB SPF50+ is an innovative sunscreen with a BB effect, very resistant and suitable for those who practice outdoor sports. Through WetForce technology, this UV sunscreen becomes even more effective when it comes into contact with water or perspiration. Contains a contouring powder that gives the skin a healthier and sculpted look. The super-light and transfer-resistant formula mixes easily with the skin, providing a natural and comfortable coverage that covers the skin's irregular textures and evens out the tone, so you can be at your best while playing sports. Very water resistant.



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