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Brand history


Vichy's experience in dermatology and cosmetics with French nationality dates back to 1931 when the visionary industrialist Georges Guérin discovered the beneficial and therapeutic properties of Vichy thermal water. From formula to formula, more and more developed and adapted to different skin types, anti-wrinkle creams, lotions and balms were emerging.

In the mid-1950s, the L'Oréal Group bought the company and conquered the market throughout Europe, becoming the number 1 brand in sales in pharmacies and drugstores in the old continent.
As a curiosity, the therapeutic properties of Vichy thermal water have been recognized by the medical community since the 17th century.




Concept and objectives


For more than 80 years, Vichy has been leading cosmetic innovation and bringing the benefits of Vichy volcanic water to women all over the world, with all skin types. Currently, when it comes to creating the products, their priority is not just taking care of the skin, because Vichy laboratories have also been dedicated to the adoption of sustainable business practices, focusing mainly on protecting the environment.


Vichy also aims to create safe and effective products and for that they are guided by 7 choices:
Put Vichy Volcanic Water present in all formulas;
Produce all formulas in France in the preserved region of the Alvergne Volcanoes;
Prioritize powerful dermatological actives of natural origin;
Select 100% hypoallergenic ingredients;
Have proven efficacy on sensitive skin;
Innovate in sensoriality to promote well-being;
Combine the expertise and passion of dedicated experts.

Above all, it seeks to satisfy the client, by making a detailed personalized diagnosis of the skin, through the use of the dermo-skin analysis equipment, which consists of providing information to dermo-consultants so that they can then recommend specific products for each need. of the customer, thus managing to satisfy each customer in a unique and effective way.




What to take into account when choosing this brand?


The Vichy brand is a traditional French brand, whose main objective is the treatment of the skin using Vichy water in all its products, in an aesthetic way and beyond.

The Vichy brand is interested in all skin types, in order to create high quality products for all types of consumers, responding to the natural needs of all skins, creating, for example, products such as anti-wrinkle cream, sunscreens, creams firming agents with unique properties, thermal water spray, etc.
All Vichy brand products are fully manufactured and developed with Vichy thermal water, which has therapeutic properties.




Vichy’s collections


Aqualia Thermal – It is a skin hydration recharge, that is, it has a 48h hydration, it is a formula made up of 97% of natural ingredients, it leaves a more toned and filled skin. It is ideal for all skin types.

Capital Soleil / Idéal Soleil – Consists of a range of sunscreens developed by dermatologists.

Idéalia – Consisting of first care that transforms the quality of the skin from skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles. Kombucha resulting from biotechnology, which is the first active that transforms the quality of the skin, is used for a dreamy texture, even for sensitive skin.

Liftactiv Supreme – Through hyaluronic acid and rhamnose, a sugar of natural origin, it reduces wrinkles and fills the skin.

Liftactiv Specialist – With powerful natural dermatological actives, this range strengthens the skin by progressively combating aging.

Mineral 89 – Daily moisturizing and fortifying concentrate that helps make the skin visibly healthy. It consists of a formula that combines all the power of a high concentration of Vichy Volcanic Water, associated with Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin, to strengthen the skin's barrier function.

Neovadiol – This range is aimed at those who are in menopause and with the first Vichy Global Densifiers care they can restore all face volumes such as oval, neck and cheekbones. This technology is inspired by 30 years of tissue engineering. It is functional even with sensitive skin.

Pureté Thermale – It is a range of cleaning and make-up removers, there are 8 products, 8 textures, 8 gestures, with or without water, with or without water, to adjust to the expectations, needs and state of mind of women and offer them the personalized formula at every moment of their life.




The most popular products of the brand


Aqualia Thermal Crème Réhydratante Légère is a rehydration cream for dehydrated skin. This product is composed of 97% natural ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin, fortifying Vichy Mineralizing Water, and Mannose, a vegetable sugar. Immediately, the skin is fresher, hydrated for 48 hours and stronger against changes in temperature, stress or pollution.

Minéral 89 is a day care with an 89% concentration of Vichy Mineralizing Water, associated with Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin. Minéral 89 reinforces the barrier function, to increase the skin's resistance against daily aggressions, such as stress, pollution and fatigue. The skin is hydrated, toned, radiant. Full of life, visibly healthy.

Normaderm Soin Anti-Imperfections Hydratation 24h is a care for adult skin with imperfections. Formulated with Salicylic Acid LHA and Ari Lici a Resorcina + Faith and enriched with Vichy Thermal Water, imperfections are reduced and the skin is more uniform and beautiful. The fresh, non-greasy texture provides comfort from morning until night. Paraben free.

Dermablend Fond de Teint Correcteur is a fluid correction foundation for all skin types. Formulated with concentrated pigments, soft-focus pigments and enriched with volatile oil of vegetable origin and Glycerin, it creates a thin layer of high coverage for 16 hours, while ensuring comfort and hydration for 24 hours. The elastic texture blends with the skin for a natural, bare-skin effect. Offers UV protection with SPF35. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Without perfume.

Liftactiv Flexilift Fond de Teint Anti-Âge is a foundation with anti-wrinkle action for women over 40 years old. Its formula enriched with Collagyl and Vichy Thermal Water offers an immediate lifting effect while lightening and acting on the causes of aging, filling wrinkles. The unique texture stretches wrinkles and follows facial movements. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.



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