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Night Cream

Night Cream

What it is and what it is for?


The night cream's main function is cell regeneration, allowing the skin to recover from the aggressions it suffers during the day. The night cream is formulated to treat the skin at night as the skin cells regenerate more efficiently, not only because this is a reality of our biology, because we are at rest and therefore, we suffer less environmental damage.



What are the most used ingredients and their function?


The most used ingredients in night creams are:

Pro-xylane, a plant-derived molecule that can penetrate the skin and minimize its natural wear and tear.

Vitamin C, a great anti-aging that is not produced by the body, so we need to ingest or apply it so that our body and skin can enjoy its benefits.

Glycerin, an organic compound that helps in skin rejuvenation, reduces wrinkles, aging and helps with hydration.

Airlicum, the ideal active to keep the skin dry for longer, ensuring up to 9 hours of covered pores and imperfections, in addition to controlling the skin's moisture and oiliness.

Hyaluronic acid, to fight wrinkles, smooth out wrinkles and expression lines caused by age, reduce sagging skin and increase the volume of cheeks and lips, it can also be used to correct scars.

Retinaldehyde, which relaunches cellular activity, improves skin luminosity and helps against premature aging caused by excessive sun exposure.



Which types exist and what are their differences?


There are several types of night creams, each with its own purpose, but perhaps the most used nowadays are the anti-aging or anti-wrinkle and cell renewal night creams, for example:


Physiolift Nuit Baume Lissant Régénérant from Avène is an anti-aging night care for all skin types. It combines Ascofilline complex with Hyaluronic Acid and Retinaldehyde to reduce wrinkles while reactivating cell activity. Enriched with Hesperidin Methyl Chalcona and Avene Thermal Water, it detoxifies, soothes and restores radiance to the face. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.


Toleriane Ultra Nuit from La Roche Posay is an intense soothing care for eyes and face. It reduces skin sensitivity, night after night, freeing the skin from discomfort upon awakening. Greasy and enveloping texture. non-comedogenic.


Multi-Active Nuit Creme from Clarins is a cream for normal to combination skin that helps the skin to recover, with a smooth and luminous appearance when waking up. Restores the nocturnal cell renewal cycle and reduces premature wrinkles. Anti-stress and anti-aging partner that contains kiwi extract, Imudilin, locust bean extract and shea butter.


Neovadiol Complexe Substitutif Nuit by Vichy is a night care for mature skin. Fights wrinkles, loss of firmness and fatigue marks, promotes cell regeneration, ensures hydration, increases the natural production of lipids and soothes and reduces redness. Enriched with Vichy Thermal Water known for its soothing and regenerating properties. The texture is smooth and nourishing. Tested under dermatological control. Hypoallergenic and paraben free.


Bio Program Anti Age Nuit by Stendhal is a night cream with a restorative and anti-aging action for the most sensitive skin. This texture provides an anti-aging and hypoallergenic action to provide a feeling of immediate comfort. Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and erases signs of fatigue and tiredness. Enriched with Anasensyl, a soothing ingredient that soothes, soothes and soothes the skin. Leaves skin smoother, smoother and protected.



What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


The night cream packaging formats are varied and can be in jar or tube and sizes vary between 5ml and 50ml.



What to take into account when choosing a night cream?


The skin does not work the same way throughout the day and night. During the night the body's rhythm slows down and, if during the day the skin has a defensive attitude, when protecting itself against UV rays or against pollution, at night it has a regenerative action, to repair all the aggressions it suffered and reached skin during the day.



What are the recommendations for use and tips?


Before bedtime, always remove all your makeup and with the skin properly clean and dry, apply a good night cream, of course, always the type of your skin.
You don't need to accumulate products if you have sensitive skin and be careful with delicate skin.



What are the pros and cons of using a night cream?


The night cream has many amazing benefits, for example, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced on the face, the skin is intensively moisturized while you rest, the skin surface has a smoother texture when you wake up, the elasticity of your skin it is kept for much longer, and lastly, it reduces sagging, leaving your skin firmer and looking younger. In certain cases, allergic reactions can be triggered by these products. In these cases, it will be important to check the composition of the product and make sure that none of them can harm your skin.



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