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24 May

Prevent wrinkles with a good sunscreen!

Prevent wrinkles with a good sunscreen!

With the beginning of summer, a perfect tan is the goal. However, you must follow certain rules to be able to maintain the balance between a beautiful tan and healthy skin.

Although information about the sun's dangers is wide and well known, the normal thing for this time of year is to lower the guard and try to achieve the desired tan accelerating the process, which usually translates into unnecessary burns and in taking a couple of years of youth to the Note the product instructions, without forgetting that must also apply on the feet, on the back of the knees and the back of the neck and ears.

The first secret to achieve a natural and healthy tan is to have patience. It’s not worth to suffer literally in the skin the consequences of spending hours in the sun in the early days of beach because the tan is not instantaneous. Not being able to speed up the process, you can use self-tanners before sun exposure to reduce the temptation to stay too long in the sun.

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How to use the self-tanner:
1. Make a scrub before applying in order to keep the skin smooth, making it easier and uniform application.
2. Note the product instructions, without forgetting that must also apply on the feet, on the back of the knees and the back of the neck and ears.
3. Place less amount in rougher areas: elbows, knees and heels. Do not start with these areas, leave them to the end when you have little product in the hands.
4. After application, wash your hands and nails to prevent stains.
5. You can repeat as desired for a more intense tone.

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The second step to protect your skin is to use a good sunscreen during sun exposure. Do not forget that the tan is just nice if it’s on well treated skin! Choose the protector according to your skin tone and how you react to the sun. It is generally recommended to use high protective factors on light skins, in the early days of beach and in situations of intense sun.

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How to apply sunscreen:
1. Apply half an hour before leaving home, to stabilize filters.
2. Always wear high or very high protection in the early days. When you are already tanned, you can use less in the body but keep it up in the face to avoid wrinkles and blemishes.
3. Repeat application every two hours and after every sea or pool bathing.
4. If you do water sports or if you always go to the bath, use water resistant products.
5. Do not forget that high protection factors avoid burns but do not prevent the tan, as to make it more uniform and lasting.
6. Even with protectors, do not expose yourself to the sun between 11am and 4pm. In the shadow is also possible to sunbathe. Avoid wrinkles!

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Finally, after sun exposure, to keep a bright tone is best to use a post-solar instead of the usual moisturizer. In addition to moisturize, it will provide vitamins, reparative agents and the necessary soothing to offset sun's aggression.

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These products are great for the bathing season because they form an invisible protective film and are water resistant, which helps to keep skin hydrated.

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Follow these skincare and enjoy your vacation to the fullest with a bright and lasting tan.


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