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Nowadays the hair oils stand out among brightness, hydration and regeneration treatments. Its added value is clear: lightness of a
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The loss of hair (which includes the natural hair renewal process), is completely normal, but the increase of female hair loss can
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The hair schedule was created with the goal of reconstructing the hair mass and all the nutrients we naturally loose daily, so it
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Myths exist in almost every area of our lives. Some are passed generation after generation and are law. But scientific studies hav
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How many of us have left the hairdresser feeling that that professional is magical? The hair looks perfect and, most of the time w
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Tying the hair is part of the daily lives of many women, either because it is practical, because it is fashionable or because of w
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We all make mistakes (involuntary!) when we wash our hair. Be it a matter of habit, because that's how they taught us, out of lazi
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There are some cares that can be taken as not washing the hair every day, since in the wash are removed the natural capillary oils
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Oily hair is usually greasy, heavy, thin and without volume. There are several possible causes for excess oil and sebum in the hai
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This summer protect your hair, even on the beach, not making mistakes that can cause irreparable damage. 1 - Leave hair with
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