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11 Jun

K-Pak or Moisture Recovery?

K-Pak or Moisture Recovery?

Joico is a brand that since 1976 provides exceptional hair care. But from its varied range there are two product lines that stand out: K-Pak and Moisture Recovery. Which of the two are you going to choose, then?

K-Pak Shampoo to Repair Damage vs Moisture Recovery Shampoo

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K-Pak: Restores the strength of damaged strands;
Cleans with mild moisturizing foam;
Promotes structural fiber repair.

Moisture Recovery: Hydrates dry hair chemically damaged;
Cleanses with moisturizing action and result of silkiness;
Revitalizes softness and elasticity.

K-Pak Conditioner to Repair Damage vs Moisture Recovery Conditioner

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K-Pak: Moisturizes and strengthens the threads;
Provides conditioning and repair of the internal fiber structure.

Moisture Recovery: Provides softness, ease to untangle and extreme conditioning;
Moisturizes, revitalizes and provides softness and suppleness.

K-PAK Intense Hydrator vs Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

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K-Pak: Hydrates and rebuilds damaged hair;
Restores natural moisture;
Finishes the reconstruction process, while it conditions and protects the hair.

Moisture Recovery: Leaves hair smooth and provides moisturization;
Restores elasticity.

K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor vs Moisture Recovery Leave-In

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K-Pak: Rebuilds without weighing the strands;
Restores the strength, elasticity and vitality of fine and damaged hair.

Moisture Recovery: Untangles and makes hair shine;
Provides softness and silkiness;
Revitalizes hair.

K-Pak is a revolutionary line of hair reconstruction. It completely recovers the damaged structure of chemically, porous and elastic yarns, so that the hair is healthy, resistant, soft and shiny. The Moisture Recovery line has been specially developed to recover hydration in dry, straight or wavy hair. Leaves hair softer, brighter, lighter and more supple.

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K-Pak or Moisture Recovery? at Loja Glamourosa

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