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04 Mar

Tips for a Glamorous hair!

Tips for a Glamorous hair!

It's not just the stars who may have an enviable hair. With a few tricks and the right products, the next to parade on the Red Carpet can be you!

See our 15 tips to have a Glamorous hair!

1 - The perfect brush

The brush with which you comb your hair can make the difference between a sophisticated look and a Cinderella look before midnight. A cheap and poor quality brush will contribute to damaged, broken and of unhealthy appearance hair. Make the brush a purchase as important as your best day cream. After all, you brush your hair at least once a day and, for that reason alone, it’s worth the investment.


2 – Wash with warm water

Avoid washing your hair with water excessively hot because it alters the balance of the scalp, or too cold, because it is not enough to remove the grease. The temperature should be warm and pleasant.

3 – Pass through cold water

Finish off the washing with a bold passage by cold water, lying on top of the head. Helps close the cuticle and instantly increase the brightness.

4 – Brush a hundred times? No!

Abusing brushing too much can stimulate the scalp and communicate the wrong message that it needs to secrete more oil to 'protect itself'. Brush the hair with two or three passes in each section, enough to eliminate waste and stimulate microcirculation. More than that, brushing too much, can also contribute to the breakdown of the hair shaft.

5 – Treat successfully

The secret to untangle and to smooth the hair also lies in choosing the conditioner. If you need more nutrition, opt for a mask and leave it acting three to five minutes extra. If you want to wake up with princess hair, apply a specific evening treatment before bedtime, in dry hair and… Sweet dreams! In the morning, no need to wash and you’ll see the result.

2 3

6 – Isolate the strands of hair

Dryers, boards of smooth, rolling machines… We are all guilty of these beauty 'sins' to our hair. To prevent further permanent damage, apply a product before making this type of styling to leave hair strands protected from heat damage.

4 5

7 – Catwalk hair

One of the secrets that hairstylists leave hidden in the backstage are the Velcro rollers. First use a curling iron to give shape to the locks you want to curl and then apply a styling product spray which helps to 'solidify' the effect. Place the Velcro rollers, wait thirty minutes or take a help with the dryer and... Voila! It is ready for the parade.

6 7

8 – Dull hair? Attention to your diet!

The woman who never made diet, raise a hand. The others may have won a more slender silhouette, but one hair look not so flattering. The lack of nutrients for a long time can weaken the hair. Remember, a diet does not have to be low in fruit and other super foods… give an energy boost to your hair with a super nutritious line.

8 9 10

9 – Comb 'upside down'

A secret to get more volume and a more lasting brushing goes through to dry the hair with head down and comb it in the opposite direction. To help with the task, choose a styling product that gives volume and a little fixing.

11 12

10 – Safe brushing

When drying your hair first using the dryer in a 'free' way before using the brush. The ideal is to remove about 80% of moisture at an average temperature before proceeding to brushing. The brush will have as much or better effect in the construction hairstyle if you choose this technique. Finish with the passage of cold air.


11 – Keep calm

The stress is a major problem for hair loss in women. Hormone levels undergo changes that can be severe enough to trigger a nasty hair loss. Take a deep breath, slow down the pace and make a cure with an anti-loss treatment.

14 15

12 – Too long hair? Forbidden!

Unless you still have fourteen, hair down the middle of the back is no longer for you. Besides ungraceful, it's not sexy and professional. If you like a hair with little maintenance, opt for a long intermediate, but with a cut updated at least every two months. Just below the shoulders is enough to achieve a sexy look.

13 – Home massage

Very easy. Wash your hands, sit back in a chair and run your open fingers over the entire surface of the scalp. In addition to improving micro-circulation, which contributes to the health and growth of the hair, you will have a much needed anti-stress time. Enjoy.

14 – Tie up loose ends

A temporary solution for split ends (before heading to the lounge for an urgent haircut) is to apply a repairing and nourishing drops. It will not only prevent further split ends, it will disguise the existing ones. Apply, dry and go.


15 – Locks that shine

The shiny hair does not have to be genetic. Celebrities and their personal hairstylists know it well. Use a shine spray after Brushing or apply a few drops of shine serum and have your moment of fame.


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Tips for a Glamorous hair! at Loja Glamourosa

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