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04 Jun

Introducing Topialyse from SVR

Introducing Topialyse from SVR

Currently, SVR, a brand that came from a laboratory created by a couple of French pharmacists, has become an important reference in the dermocosmetic sector. From its varied care - including anti-aging treatments - we highlight Topialyse, a line created especially for dry, sensitive and atopic skin, which contains a formula adapted to the whole family, including babies and children.

The skin with an atopic tendency causes repercussions on the quality of life of people suffering from the pathology, especially in children. Special precautions should therefore be taken like avoid bathing of more than 10/15 minutes and water not exceeding 34 ° C, avoid rugs, cushions and duvets because they are sources of dust mites, choose cotton clothes and , indispensably, use cosmetics that are formulated specifically to deal with this type of dermatological problem. And it is in this context that the Topialyse line of the SVR appears.

Bath care

Topialyse Huile Lavant & Topialyse Baume Lavant

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Both are indispensable in the bath. The cleansing oil cleans and nourishes the skin without drying, and was formulated with coconut oil and cottonseed oil to moisturize the skin. The balm, on the other hand, has an immediate soothing and relipidating effect.

Eye contour care

Topialyse Palpébral e Topialyse Palpébral CC

3 4

The eye zone is one of the most sensitive in the human body and should therefore deserve special attention in the daily beauty routine. Topialyse Palpébral is an irritated eye cream, especially suitable for atopic skin with eyelid irritation, which softens and restructures the skin, soothes and rebalances and limits the proliferation of bacteria. Similarly, Topialyse Palpébral CC provides the same benefits as the previous one, adding the ability to correct dark circles and provide an optimizing effect. It also protects against daily external aggressions and UV rays.

Antipruritic effect care


Topialyse Baume Intensif

To circumvent the structural changes that atopic skin presents, reshaping and softening emollient care plays a key role. Formulated with cotton oil, coconut oil, babassu butter and phospholipids that nourish and restore the skin barrier, this intensive balm helps to immediately relieve itching and irritation of the skin.

Care for located zones

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Topialyse Crème Barriere & Topialyse Crème Mains

Both provide enhanced anti-risk action: they soothe itching sensations during periods of stress or daily aggression and limit their reappearance; nutritive and protective texture: Crème Barriere can be applied in any localized irritated area: hands, face, body, folds; the Crème Mains, as the name implies, was specially formulated to soften, repair and nourish dry and fragile hands.

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Introducing Topialyse from SVR at Loja Glamourosa

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