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With the approach of summer, we start to worry about something that has spent the last few months stifled by clothes: cellulite. I
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Most people don’t pay the necessary attention to the hand, even though they need as much care as the rest of your body. Hand hav
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Inspired on the power of the planet's aquatic life, Biotherm created the Aquasource line and revolutionized the cosmetics market.
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Our skin's necessities change with seasons. Temperature, food and sleeping hours are a few factors that influence our skin’s hea
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Glycobiology is the science name behind the Forever Youth Liberator line. This isn't a new science, and already has more Than 100
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Tiredness, environmental conditions, pollution, food and hormonal changes are some of the factors that cause skin wear. Over the y
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It is true that, throughout the world, women are the biggest consumers of beauty products and skin care. However, increasingly, th
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Being the only cosmetic product that, besides cleaning the skin, replaces the tonic and the makeup remover, the micellar water is
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Most women love having beautiful nails. Even those who do not paint them, like to keep them well-kept, smooth and elegant. Would n
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The basis of any anti-wrinkle: an optimal moisturizing routine. Discover now how to keep skin more hydrated, more elastic and more
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