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Nowadays, there are thousands of foundations at our disposal, which can be a real headache when it comes to choosing the one that
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Applying makeup according with society standards can be a nightmare for most women. However, some of the makeup rules we've come t
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We all know that the sun has a tendency of leaving people happier. There are longer days, the temperature rises, and everybody sta
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Surely everyone who's a makeup lover already heard of Kat Von D. The brand's beauty products are spread on the four corners of the
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How many of us have looked into 70's, 80's and 90's pictures and wondered how fun it would be to be able to wear that type of make
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With winter on the doorstep it's time to talk about the great makeup trends for the season. Makeup lasts longer thanks to low temp
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The concealer is a more pigmented product than the foundation, so it offers better coverage. They are true lifesavers, especially
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Most women have difficulty applying eyeliner, either for lack of practice or for simple clumsiness, it may also be because they ar
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Not sure what to highlight on your face? How are personalities always so elegant? You even know how to use makeup correctly, but y
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BB and CC Cream: the acronyms that have appeared everywhere and that promise to change the way you put makeup on a daily basis. No
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