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02 Jan

Makeup trends that made a comeback

Makeup trends that made a comeback

How many of us have looked into 70's, 80's and 90's pictures and wondered how fun it would be to be able to wear that type of makeup without causing a fashion scandal? This is possible now, as some of these trends are being used again in runways and red carpets, and spread all over the Instagram, of course.

1 – Wine lipstick

The wine lipstick was very popular in the 20's and 30's, but was later eliminated from the feminine beauty kits for being too bold. However, it recently started being used by celebrities on the red carpet and it's one of people's favorite colors to be worn on cold winter days.

1 2

2 – Black lipstick

Like the lipstick mentioned above, the black lipstick was a trend in the 20's and once again considered to be extremely bold. The color started being associated with goth style, but recently won new fans, that prefer to enhance the lips and leave the rest of the face more natural.


3 – White liner

Popular in the 40's, the white liner was used to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. It is used today to create the same effect and to make an eye contrast with the skin.

4 5

4- Pastel eyeshadows

The pastel eyeshadows are the trend from the 70's. The colors stand opaque on the eyelid and are ideal to enhance the eyes during the day.


5 – Orange and purple eyeshadows

A trend from the 80's. Orange and purple eyeshadows are ideal for a fun night at the disco. Nowadays, people bet on these shades with a smoky effect. Bold and classy at the same time.

7 8

6 – Bold lipsticks

Another 80's trend that recently made a comeback into our lives. They’re usually used to enhance the lips in nights out.

9 10

7 – Nude lips

A trend from the 90's that contrasts with the lipsticks we mentioned above. They're ideal for the everyday look or when you decide to wear a bolder eye makeup.

11 12

Bonus trends: Apart from those we already mentioned, there are other trends making a comeback. Check it out:

13 14

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