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29 Aug

Tricks to Get Perfect Makeup

Tricks to Get Perfect Makeup

A good makeup works miracles for a woman's self-esteem and no one doubts.
But how could we have it without wasting endless hours?


Contrary to what you may think it is much easier and faster than it sounds. And to help you, we've put together the best tricks for perfect makeup so you're always at your best. Put them into practice now and feel even more beautiful.


Ready to discover our tricks?


1. Clean the skin well


Before you start makeup, it is important that your skin is clean and free of impurities.
So, you should start by washing your face, applying a tonic and moisturizer that suits your skin needs. This will refresh the skin and close the pores.

With clean, well-groomed skin, makeup will look better and last longer. That is, NEVER SKIP THIS STEP, however fast you may have!


01 02


2. Darker corrector before foundation


Apply a darker concealer before foundation. So it helps to counteract the tone of dark circles.




3. Use the damp sponge


Using the damp sponge does not absorb the base as much. Giving a fresher effect to makeup.


4. Dilute foundation in moisturizer

To make your skin look more natural, mix some BB Cream moisturizer with the foundation.

05 06

This trick is perfect to make the finish satinier.


5. Leave the powder for a while


Apply plenty of compact powder to the dark circles area after applying the concealer, and let it work for 15 minutes. Remove excess with a brush. And the pores will be camouflaged and the skin will be illuminated.

07 08

6. Apply illuminator on cheeks


If you want to give cheeks volume, apply some illuminator to the centre of the face.
BUT CAUTION: Too much product can make your makeup look oily.




7. Use bronzer to do contouring


For a smoother contour, prefer the bronzer that gives that after sun colour. Apply the product with a brush and avoid heavy marking.
TIP is to smoke well in the regions you want to fine tune.

10 11


8. Use two types of eyelash masks


Use two mascaras with opposite effects: first apply one of volume, which has the thickest bristles; and second, pass a layer of mask that defines the lashes.

12 13 

9. Use nude pencil


Nude pencil on waterline opens eyes and draws tired air.










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