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11 Oct

Your Makeup Accessory

Your Makeup Accessory

Using the right brushes makes all the difference in the makeup process. You may have noticed that, for example, when makeup is done by a professional makeup artist, she tends to have numerous brushes with her for all possibilities, having flawless results.

We may not use a lot of brushes, like makeup artists, but we should have the essentials to help simplify and refine the task of makeup.

Here are the essentials:

Foundation brush

This brush helps to spread the foundation well, making it imperceptible and without unaesthetic spots on the face. It is essential that it is of good quality, with bristles that do not break, so that they do not leave marks on the face.

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Eyeshadow brush

The bristles of this brush should be round and of good quality, in order to achieve a natural effect, as well as a perfect fusion of the shadows on the eyelids, without accumulating product.

3 4

Eyeliner brush

You do not have to use this brush if you use pencil/pen eyeliners. However, if you prefer to use a gel eyeliner or want to do so with a dark shadow, you will need a brush of this nature.

In this case, the bristles should be dense and short to allow a more precise and flawless application.

5 6

Powder/blush brush

There are post specific brushes and blush specific brushes and ideally you should use two distinct ones for these two purposes. However, if you want to simplify, you can get a brush that is versatile and allows you to apply blush, compact or loose powder and suntan powder.

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Your Makeup Accessory at Loja Glamourosa

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