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19 Jul

Women's fragrances to wear at work

Choosing a perfume for a job can be more difficult than it looks. The woman should keep in mind, that the excess of sensualit
12 Apr

Tips to be perfumed for more time

To get a scent to last a long time, you should follow a few precautions. There are no miraculous formulas that, hours after a
15 Mar

Men Fragrances

Generally, men have their perfumes and are loyal to them. Contrary to what happens to most women, who like to try the new rel
15 Feb

Cares to be taken in applying a perfume

As the saying goes, the best perfumes come in small bottles. And taking advantage of the quantity of those bottles, it is wor
17 Sep

Light Blue – the iconic perfume by Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a brand that does not require presentation. Known for its luxury products, the brand also honours the
18 Jun

Roger & Gallet: 150 years of fragrances (part 1)

Roger & Gallet, a French label created in 1962, excels in the use of natural ingredients in its fragrances, with 95% of i
23 Apr

Get Your Summer Perfume Ready!

Summer is a synonym of fragrances with fresh, floral and citric notes that perfectly combine with the warmest season of the y
22 Jan

The Unisex Perfume Trend

The unisex perfume came out as a response to challenges proposed by modern society towards gender roles. The idea that women
22 Dec

Fragrance Families

The perfume is composed by different components that, together, form the fragrance family. There are seven major fragrance fa
14 Sep

The best women's perfumes of 2017

Any woman who has ever left home without putting on perfume knows how this can affect confidence during the day. At first imp

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