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Many parents ask themselves if they should let their children wear perfume. This is a valid question, after all the child’s skin
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How to choose the perfect perfume? That is the doubt that haunts women and men from all over the world. After all, everybody wants
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The unisex perfume came out as a response to challenges proposed by modern society towards gender roles. The idea that women can o
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The perfume is composed by different components that, together, form the fragrance family. There are seven major fragrance familie
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Many men already use a perfume that they refuse to change because it has adapted well to their style, their skin and their persona
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Any woman who has ever left home without putting on perfume knows how this can affect confidence during the day. At first impressi
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The choice of a perfume can sometimes become a nightmare, either by the size of the perfume or even by its aroma, but the perfect
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Perfumes emanate an atmosphere that, like our favorite clothes, has an ideal time with which to combine, such as the season, mood,
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It is important not to forget to use aftershave to refresh and soothe irritated skin. It can be in lotion, gel or balm. It may con
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Choosing a perfume for a job can be more difficult than it looks. The woman should keep in mind, that the excess of sensuality can
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