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Take care of your skin after shaving

Take care of your skin after shaving

It is important not to forget to use aftershave to refresh and soothe irritated skin. It can be in lotion, gel or balm. It may contain an antiseptic agent such as alcohol to prevent infections through cuts, common during the shaving process. Keeps skin moist, prevents dryness, perfumes and moisturizes.

If you prefer lotion see the following options:

The Scent After-Shave Lotion, an aftershave lotion that softens and soothes your skin after shaving. Leaves face soft and comfortable.


Intenso After-Shave, a bearded lotion that offers the greatest comfort and freshness. Leaves face soft and protected.

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Allure Homme Édition Blanche After-Shave Lotion by Chanel softens and soothes after shaving. Leaves face soft and comfortable.


Eau Sauvage - Lotion Aprés-Rasage, a soothing lotion that prevents skin irritation after shaving. Comfort and soothe the skin.

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In balm, you can choose:

Karl Lagerfeld Pour Homme - After Shave, a balm that moisturizes, calms and soothes after shaving with a fougère aroma.


Reveal Men After-Shave Balm softens, hydrates and cares for a smoother shave.

Prepares the skin for the aggressions of the shaving. Softens and gently moisturizes the face.

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Eau Sauvage - Baume Aprés-Rasage, a balm that prevents the irritation and discomfort of shaving.


Just Cavalli Man After Shave Balm, a balm that calms the skin after shaving. Leaves skin soft and hydrated.

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Available at Loja Glamourosa.


Take care of your skin after shaving at Loja Glamourosa

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