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Fragrance Families

The perfume is composed by different components that, together, form the fragrance family. There are seven major fragrance families, characterized by their dominant notes, which are fundamental when the time comes to choose a perfume.

1 – Oriental

The oriental perfumes are distinguished by their warm and spicy notes, like vanilla, cinnamon and orchid. They are usually strong, sexy and elegant, but also weighty.

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2 – Citrus

These are the lightest perfumes, though remarkable, with orange, lemon, mandarin and some wooden notes. They’re indicated for warm climates and don’t last on the skin.

3 4

3 – Woody

They come from wood mixtures and result in dryer, less mellow scents. They possess cinnamon, earth and tobacco tinges. They are usually preferred by men.

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4 – Aromatic

They result from the mixture of citric, lavender and oriental spices scents. Their virile character makes this family the biggest victory of the masculine perfumery.

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5 – Floral

They are real bouquets that have in their lead components jasmine, roses and gardenia notes, as well as notes from other flowers. They are fresh and light perfumes, and they’re usually favored by women.

9 10

6 – Chypre

They are perfumes that result from the specific combination of the citrus’s freshness and from the moss and oak’s heat. They are extremely feminine and exotic.

11 12

7 – Fruity

They result from peach, strawberry and a few citrus notes mixture. The mellowest notes dominate, keeping the lightness and freshness.


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