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19 Feb

Personalities and the Perfect Perfume

Personalities and the Perfect Perfume

How to choose the perfect perfume? That is the doubt that haunts women and men from all over the world. After all, everybody wants to smell nicely and stand out. Even though the right perfume has also everything to do with your type of skin, we can't dissociate from people's personalities, as some fragrance families automatically remind us to specific character, even though our mind doesn't always notice that.

Extrovert People

Those extrovert people generally attract other people with their joy and wellbeing. It doesn't come as a surprise that the fragrance that is most compatible with this kind of people comes from citric fruits, that are known for being invigorating.

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Dynamic People

These are the people that normally never stop, they're active and minimalists when it comes to choosing their everyday clothes. Their personality matches vegetable and aromatic essences, that are clean and suitable for a casual and relaxed style.

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Romantic People

Who doesn't have that friend that is constantly dreaming about love? There are so many ways of loving someone and, generally, romantic people like floral fragrances – just as much as they love to get an unexpected bouquet of flowers.

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Mysterious People

People who surround themselves with mystery tend to stand out by their taste in oriental fragrances, that generally contain spice notes which make the fragrance sensual. This exotic smell usually helps to spread the mysterious look of those who wear it.

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Determined People

Being determined means being self-confident most of the time. Not everybody feels like they're capable of taking initiatives if they're not sure it's going to make them successful. That is the reason why wooden fragrances mix perfectly with these people personality, as they transmit confidence.

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Elegant People

There are people who just transmit elegancy and sophistication in everything they do. These goes from the clothes they wear to their professional and personal posture. They usually wear perfumes that come from the Cyprus family, as these emanate sophistication.

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Personalities and the Perfect Perfume at Loja Glamourosa

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