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08 Jan

Forever Youth Liberator – Yves Saint Laurent

Forever Youth Liberator – Yves Saint Laurent

Glycobiology is the science name behind the Forever Youth Liberator line. This isn't a new science, and already has more Than 100 years and a few Nobel prizes. Thought for women above thirty, this line promises to be a true youth elixir. For better results, the brand considers the following steps to be indispensable:

1 – Prepare

Forever Youth Liberator Lotion – an extra-soothing lotion that prepares the skin for the line's treatment. Removes fatigue signs and leaves the skin more uniform and luminous. It's ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and its daily use smoothens and revitalizes.


2 – Activate

Forever Youth Liberator Sérum – a serum that stimulates skin's profound regeneration and rejuvenates the face. This is line's star product because it is the one that contains the biggest concentrate of Glycanactif. Yves Saint Laurent has created, recently, two more serums that complete this part of the treatment. Forever Youth Liberator Eye Sérum was especially designed for the eyes and to act directly on chicken feet, swelling, dark circles and wrinkles.

2 3

Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape Sérum, that acts on the face, neck and neckline (Y zone). This serum helps to eliminate toxins and to increase the skin's luminosity for a radiant result.


3 – Treat

Forever Youth Liberator Crème and Forever Youth Liberator Nutri Crème – two creams that must be applied in the morning and at night. They leave the skin more uniform and brighter, smoother, firmer and more fulfilled. After a month, the skin is strengthened and rejuvenated. The cream is suitable for normal to mixed skin and the nutri cream for dry skin. There is also another version of this cream, that protects from sun rays (SPF15).

5 6


From the classic creams, others were created for a more specific care, like the Forever Youth Liberator Crème Yeux – specifically designed for the eyes, and to directly act on chicken feet, swelling, dark circles and wrinkles – and Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape Crème – to improve the face, neck and neckline's firmness sensation (Y zone). The shape becomes firmer and more defined, promotes a more youthful and rejuvenated aspect. Gives the face density and definition and helps to eliminate toxins and to increase the skin's brightness for a more glow result.

8 9

No beauty treatment would be complete without a night cream like Forever Youth Liberator Crème Nuit, with anti-age properties for a revitalized aspect while waking up.


May youth and beauty always be a state of mind!

Available at Loja Glamourosa.

Forever Youth Liberator – Yves Saint Laurent at Loja Glamourosa

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