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La Prairie

La Prairie

Brand history

La Prairie, was launched in 1978 in Switzerland, Montreux. A brand that celebrates majestic mountains, aristocracy, gentle elevation and perfect tranquility. The tranquil and soft mineral tones and the angular boundaries are full of mystery.

At the same time, this brand is inspired by the magnificence of secrets, the metamorphosis of the ocean and the unique encounter between light and water. The horizon carefully draws space.
As with everything mentioned above, this entity also has a refined, high-quality perfume line, first placed on the market in 1993.
The Swiss brand perfumes deftly combine rare and precious ingredients to convey a refined and intoxicating warmth and charming style. True works of art, in just bottles.


Concept and objectives

The La Prairie brand is popular and distinguishes itself from other brands, not only for its exclusive cosmetics, but also for containing the most exquisite aromas.

The brand stands out for its center of innovations and scientific research that produces only products with the best results.
The main objective of the products of this firm is the coordination and delay of the aging process. Taking into account the aspirations of the brand, it aims to further develop innovative treatments, based on exclusive and exotic ingredients, providing essential nutrients for healthy and youthful-looking skin.
All this success is achieved through a balanced and proven mix of nutrients and effective ingredients.



What to take into account when choosing this brand?

La Prairie goes beyond ordinary skin care to combat aging at its source. La Prairie's extraordinary lines of creams, serums and cellular care work without exception with refinement and incomparable results. The commitment to exceptional skin care has made La Prairie one of the most demanding companies in the world. A brand concerned with certain types of skin, be it Men or Women. Each skin type will find its ideal product in this brand.



La Prairie Collections

Platinum Rare – Helps reverse all visible signs of aging and supports the skin's natural regeneration processes to make it look firmer and brighter.

Skin Caviar – Helps to improve firmness and elasticity and refines and moisturizes the skin texture. In addition, it smooths, soothes and provides antioxidant protection.

Anti-Aging – This range fights wrinkles and reawakens the skin through unique treatments that protect against the effects of time.

White Caviar – Offers whitening results, as it causes the loss of skin uniformity to fade.

Radiance – Revitalizes and recovers the appearance of the skin and refines the texture and tone of the skin. Immediately and limitlessly restores youthful skin radiance to the face.

Swiss Ice Crystal – Luxurious oils and creams help the skin adapt to extreme environmental stress, reducing the first signs of aging.



The most popular products of the brand

Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is a fundamental cream that provides the maximum amount of firmness, hydration and concentration of active ingredients. Contains caviar extract that nourishes and revitalizes the skin, resulting in incredible smoothness. Immediately visible results.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream is a day cream for the eye region. Contains sun protection against UV rays. Combats micro-stress caused by external agents that damage the skin. Specialized treatment for the eye contour area. Reduces the loss of hydration, recovers tissue damage and maintains vital conditions for the health and beauty of the skin in this region.

Radiance Cream is an ideal treatment for mature skin to lose its luminosity.
Cream that results from the most advanced biotechnological research. Contains Radiance Complex that provides the ingredients vital to the health and beauty of the skin. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines. Tones and refreshes the skin, renewing the characteristic glow of healthy skin.

White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum is a powerful weapon against dark circles and discoloration. Detoxifies the skin and prevents the formation of new pigmentation spots. This illuminating formula was developed with oligopeptide-68 to stop and reduce discolorations and the accumulation of melanin and cell debris.

Platinum Rare Cellular Cream is a more luxurious and specialized anti-aging treatment cream. The result of audacious innovation, this exclusive formula awakens and transforms the skin. Immerse at the height of rejuvenation with the Platinum Rare night ritual.

Foam Cleanser is a cleansing foam that acts when massaged on damp skin, removing impurities, makeup and pollution. Contains extracts of natural plants that act in synergy with the skin. The skin is clean, smooth and fresh. Fit for all skin types.

Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face is pure cleansing water from the Swiss glaciers.
This product is an essential cleansing ritual in a single gesture that combines liquid crystal technology with the indulgence of pure and clean water from Swiss glaciers, to leave your skin perfectly immaculate.

Purifying Cream Cleanser is a cream that purifies and unclogs the skin in a delicate way, at the same time that it calms and helps to relieve the signs of stress caused by environmental factors. Provides the skin with a feeling of freshness and renewal. Surface impurities disappear.

Skin Caviar Perfect Concealer is a liquid concealer with a light and creamy texture that combats skin imperfections, as well as providing long-term skin care benefits.
With a perfect fusion between corrector and eye contour, this corrector smooths, corrects and illuminates the entire area of the eye contour.

Essence Skin Caviar Eye Complex is a gel that acts as a mini eye lift. Nourishes, moisturizes and tones the skin, reducing wrinkles and bags. Reduces dark circles and other signs of tiredness.



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