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21 Jul

Essential tips to get the desired tan!

You even like going to the beach, but you're a little sad because the tan does not seem to want to appear? Are you about to lower your guard to the sunscreen because you feel as white as in winter? Do not do this, take our suggestion: use self-tanner. Excellent results even for those who only look for a light color to have a more professional and happy presentation.

Summer arrives and soon there are parties, bikinis, beautiful and glamorous women with that sensuality of skins kissed by the sun. These women know, as you will know right now, that you do not need to subject your skin to the innumerable and irremediable harms of excessive sun exposure. Currently there are several products that allow you to get a tan tonality without risk of UV exposure. They designate self-tanning and get better with each passing year.


What you should know before applying a self-tanner:
The self-tanner works because it contains ingredients that will adhere delicately to the skin forming a layer composed essentially of natural and synthetic agents that, when exposed to the environment, especially to oxygen, change their color until reaching the maximum depth revealing a tan tone. The most important ingredient of a self-tanner is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with keratin on the surface of the skin and oxidizes to produce a dark, reddish substance. The amount of DHA varies between 5% and 15% in products.

Self-tanning products with higher concentration of DHA give a quicker coloration in a few hours. However, they may stain the skin further in the application. Opt for an intermediate gradation.

Before starting to use a self-tanner, test on a small, hidden area of the body, such as the inner thigh, to make sure you are not sensitive to the product. There are face and body self-tanning. Always use the most appropriate.

Hydration is critical throughout the process. You can choose to apply moisturizer before the self-tanning or follow a trick that is especially useful for the face: mix a self-tan walnut with three of your favorite moisturizer. Evaluate results for 1 to 2 days. If you want to intensify the color you can adjust the quantities for a nut of self-tanner and two of moisturizer. This trick is as valid for the bases as for the self-tanning ones. It will give you a uniform and natural look. It is also ideal for retouching the self-tanner throughout the week.

Although the skin is partially dyed, the self-tanner is easily removed with an exfoliation and a shower, or at most, several showers.

The self-tanner, as a rule, does not have sun protection, so whenever you put on self-tanner and expose yourself to the sun, even minimally, apply sunscreen too.

Here are some tips for a perfect application of these products:

NNever apply sunscreen to dry, dehydrated or scaly skin. If your skin is so damaged that it breaks loose into visible pieces, exfoliate it smoothly to even out all skin. If the skin is only dry or poorly moisturized, you should nourish it with a cream that is appropriate for the skin type and the area for which it is intended. Some experts recommend exfoliating the skin before applying self-tanner. If you wish to do so you should choose to apply the self-tanner one day after the exfoliation. And remember that if you are going to exfoliate your skin you should have it well hydrated beforehand. As each case is a case, examine your skin before exfoliating.

It should not exfoliate if: it has wounds to heal, skin too sensitive; Allergies, burns or active irritations; And special moderation in the exfoliation of acne skin, since new outbreaks may occur if the products are not suitable and if there is an excess of use..

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The application of self-tanning should be done with the skin totally dry, without water or moisture. If applied well, a moisturizer, let the skin absorb the product before applying the self-tanner.

Avoid touching the face, especially the eyes, or any object or person without washing your hands very well. If you choose to apply the self-tanner with your hands you should know that you will most likely have your hands tinted temporarily. This is not uncomfortable if you prefer a more uniform application, since any glove does not allow such an exact control. Wash hands immediately after application.

3 4

Apply the self-tanner from the bottom up, that is, start at the feet and end on the face. Use small amounts for each area and reduce the amount in the roughest and driest areas: heels, knees, groin, and elbows. Massage firmly, use the entire palm in contact with the skin and, for more benefits with this ritual, massage from the inside out as it will stimulate lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.

Do not forget to ask someone to apply the self-tan on the back.

5 6

It is absolutely necessary and obligatory to comply with the timing that the product indicates as the total absorption time. It is common sense to wait 30 minutes before getting dressed so you are sure to have finished the application successfully. As a rule, the higher the concentration of DHA, the longer the waiting time before wearing that can go up to 3 hours.

7 8

You should moisturize your skin at least twice a day to keep your tan even. Reinforce the color with a second application on the second day or following the indications of each product. Exfoliate the skin, as long as it does not show otherwise, once a week and take advantage of this moment to reapply the self-tanner.

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Before starting to use a self-tanner, test on a small, hidden area of the body, such as the inner thigh, to make sure you are not sensitive to the product. There are face and body self-tanning. Always use the most appropriate

Essential tips to get the desired tan! at Loja Glamourosa

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