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25 Aug

Self-Tanners: learn how they work and how best to use them

Self-Tanners: learn how they work and how best to use them

The current cosmetology of self-tanning has nothing to do with products that were sold a few years ago that left an orange tone, dried the skin and had a very unpleasant odor. New and innovative compositions promise even more effective results.
The new formulas have improved and are now much more moisturizing, have a pleasant odor and guarantee an enviable tan.

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Hence its use is increasingly common. For those who prefer only a light tan tone, it also has progressive self-tanning, with formulas with low concentration of self-tanning agents that allow to build a gradual tan application after application. You can use them all year round to keep a healthy look. They give a golden tone without aging the skin. You can have them at home, always at hand.


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Self-tanning does not damage the skin because it only dyes the outer layer. When the self-tanner is applied to the skin, contact with the air oxidizes it and the more superficial layers of the epidermis are dyed with a roasted brown tone that does not affect the melanin system nor the natural defense of the skin, so they do not damage it.

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The key is knowing how to apply them. To achieve a natural effect and prevent stains from forming it is necessary to spread them very well. The following steps will help you achieve this:

- Do a deep exfoliation with a cream, insisting on areas where the skin is more rough.

- If you have dry skin, apply a very thin layer of moisturizing cream on your face before applying a self-tanner and allow it to absorb.

- Put some product on the fingers and apply it as if it were makeup. Do not abuse the quantity.

- Spread it well, evenly, without forgetting the neck, avoiding the eye contour area.

- Pay special attention to areas with hairs, such as hair entrances and eyebrows, spreading well in these areas. For the body do the same, insisting with the exfoliating cream.

- After application, wash hands thoroughly.

- The most recommended is to use specific products for the face or body.


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Self-Tanners: learn how they work and how best to use them at Loja Glamourosa

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