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29 Sep

Is it necessary to use sunscreen in the winter?

Is it necessary to use sunscreen in the winter?

The winter sun, though weaker, continues to be harmful to the skin. You cannot miss the sunscreen, even during the coldest season of the year. The most exposed parts of the body - face, hands, neck and arms - need daily protection. Although it is not necessary to reapply as many times a day as during the summer, care must be taken and put on protector every four hours.

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The colder seasons mean that the ozone layer is thinner. Since there is less ozone in the atmosphere to absorb UV radiation from the sun, and even being cooler outside, there is a greater number of harmful rays reaching the surface of the Earth and consequently our skin. Specialists recommend the use of an SPF30 or higher protector to prevent burns from sun exposure.

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Another problem in winter is that people try to replace the sunscreen with makeup. However, makeup is not substantial enough. For example, a colored moisturizer with sunscreen may be used, which forms on the skin a colored layer that resembles a foundation, such as BB Cream with sunscreen or compact UV protection powder.

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There is therefore no excuse for not protecting the skin during the winter. The use of sunscreen is essential throughout the year.

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