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31 Jan

Glitter Card

Save all year long with your Glitter Card.


What is the Glitter Card?
Our customers are special we therefore enjoy pamper you and satisfy all your needs!
In this regard, we created the Glitter Card.
This card gives you Glitter Points which you can redeem to get fantastic discounts on future purchases.
Firstly you must be registered on Glamourosa. From that moment on, every online purchase you make, you will be rewarded with points. The Glitter Points are redeemed as gift certificates for any products on our site. You can then use your gift certificate on your new order.
- Refund of 5% of your total purchases on your Glitter Card
- Exclusive promotions
- Promotional gifts
- Presents
- Offers
How can I get the Card?
It is easy! You just need to register and instantly you will have your Glitter Card. Points can be redeemed for discounts or automatically converted into special personalized gifts.
Register now and enjoy your Glitter Card!
How many points do I get for purchase?
It is simple. The points are in relation to the product price. You pay 1€ you earn 1 Glitter Point. 
Later your Glitter Points are redeemed for gift certificates. 100 Glitter Points = 5€
Example: Your purchased item costs 100€, then you will get 100 Glitter Points. Your 100 Glitter Points are redeemed for 5€ on your next order.
How can I use my Glitter Points?
On My Account area you can convert your Glitter Points into Gift Certificate (code – you should enter before paying the product).
Can I use my Gift Certificate (code) more than once?
No, each code should be used once.
Can I earn Glitter Points with shipping charges or VAT?
The points are in relation to the product price. Therefore shipping charges are not included.
How many Glitter Points I have to collect to use it?
You can redeem your points into Gift Certificates after you have at least 100 Glitter Points.
When using Glitter Points, do I get more points?
Yes! But only if you pay the rest with credit card, transfer or paypal. 
Is there any product not available for Glitter Points?
Yes. Due to its reduced price some sales promotion products are not available.
For further information check FAQ’s or contact our 24/7 Support Team.

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