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12 Nov

Deep hydration with M·A·C

The new range Lightful C + Coral Grass by M·A·C offers new lighting technology for clear, uniform and radiant results that
10 Sep

Discover Sisley’s hair products!

Sisley is a brand that has always accustomed us to its excellent cosmetic care. But besides taking care of the skin, Sisley a
06 Aug

Take care of your hair with Klorane! (Part 2)

Following last week’s article, we are continuing today with some hair lines by Klorane. Linen Fibers Ideal for: fine hair
30 Jul

Take care of your hair with Klorane! (Part 1)

Klorane is a brand that for 50 years has been using carefully selected plant active ingredients to for hair and skin care. Kl
23 Jul

Beauty care by Mesoestetic!

Mesoestetic is a premium brand for the high quality of the products it manufactures. From antiaging care, to acne depigmentin
04 Jun

Introducing Topialyse from SVR

Currently, SVR, a brand that came from a laboratory created by a couple of French pharmacists, has become an important refere
07 May

War to Cellulite!

With the approach of summer, we start to worry about something that has spent the last few months stifled by clothes: celluli
16 Apr

Hair Loss – Women’s biggest enemy?

The loss of hair (which includes the natural hair renewal process), is completely normal, but the increase of female hair los
09 Apr

Everything about Deodorant

Humankind has always tried to find a way to fight the not so pleasant smell provoked by sweating. Sweat has a few carboxylic
26 Mar

Makeup: To Do or Not to Do?

Applying makeup according with society standards can be a nightmare for most women. However, some of the makeup rules we've c

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