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05 Nov

Glamourosa guarantee

Loja Glamourosa’s ethical and moral commitment is to trade products exclusively provided by official suppliers from the original manufacturers.
When purchasing, one must distinguish between falsified and true genuine products.
Piracy is an opportunity to acquire luxury goods at reduced cost.
Nevertheless, the final price is much higher because buying falsified cosmetics endanger your own health and well-being. In addition, when buying outside the authorized channels of trade, you are helping the grey market, sometimes referred as parallel market, and underground economy.
What are the risks?
The risks are countless. Fragrances, for example, are subjected to rigorous skin and allergy testing. Cosmetics products need approval on rigorous testing and safety requirements and combine cutting edge technology to offer the ultimate results on de-aging and radiance appearance.
Falsified products do not follow such rigorous procedures and research. They try to copy the color and aroma of the product, jeopardizing your health.
At Glamourosa we guarantee that our products are original - no knockoffs or imitations.
Freshness is also 100% guaranteed as all stock is kept in a temperature-controlled environment to maintain its quality. Our products are properly stored and are never stored for over 3 months. Loja Glamourosa therefore assures long term expiry date products.

Garantia at Loja Glamourosa - Online Shop of perfumes, cosmetics, makeup and hair care products

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