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Squanorm Shampooing Anti-Pelliculaire Sèches from Ducray is a shampoo that acts in the elimination of the thin films of whitish colour that fall of the head easily....
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Squanorm Shampooing Anti-Pelliculaire Grasse from Ducray is an oily anti-dandruff shampoo that reduces the proliferation of the cells that are at the origin. It is ...
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Squanorm Lotion Au Zinc Anti-Pelliculaire from Ducray is a complementary care of anti-dandruff shampoos. Its action favours the elimination of the films of the dand...
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Kelual Ds Shampooing Anti-Pelliculaire from Ducray is a shampoo suitable for scalp hygiene with severe scaling, dry or oily dandruff. Its complete formula, based on...
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Kertyol Shampooing Kératoréductrice from Ducray is a treatment shampoo for scaly states on scalp plaques. Its formula with micronized sulphur and ichthyol is kerato...
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