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René Furterer
Triphasic Shampooing Anti-Chute from René Furterer is a shampoo that helps to wash, while fortifying and fighting hair fall. Washes gently and nourishes, weightless...
From: € 17,58 Save up to: € 4,40
Cistitone Ferro Cápsulas from Cistitone is a dietary supplement that helps fight hair loss related to iron deficiencies. Prevents and improves iron levels, which ca...
From: € 29,06 Save up to: € 7,26
Cistitone Forte Cápsulas from Cistitone is a fortifying food supplement suitable for situations of hair loss and weak and fragile nails. Formulated with L-cystine, ...
From: € 28,08 Save up to: € 13,52
Keratincaps Cheveux et Ongles from Klorane is a food supplement fortifying and revitalizing anti-loss reaction. Helps fight against reactionary hair loss, fortify a...
From: € 28,07 Save up to: € 7,02
Anacaps Reactiv from Ducray is a food supplement specifically created for strength, resistance and volume of the hair and nails. Supplement in capsules, with sulpha...
From: € 27,03 Save up to: € 14,08
Anacaps Tri-Activ from Ducray is a food supplement for hair and nails. Provides essential nutrients that help the hair bulb and nail tint regain strength and vitali...
From: € 26,52 Save up to: € 13,26
Creastim Lotion Anti-Chute from Ducray is a lotion, which helps fight hair loss and strengthens the hair. Occasional hair loss usually occurs in women and is caused...
From: € 46,65 Save up to: € 11,66
Gel Rubéfiant Tonique Capillaire from Ducray is a gel that favours the stimulation of the scalp and favours the nutrition of the hair bulbs. Thanks to its toning an...
From: € 11,96 Save up to: € 2,99
Phytologist 15 Traitment Anti-Chute from Phyto is an anti-hair loss concentrate for men or women suitable for all types of hair loss. This care acts simultaneously ...
From: € 96,05 Save up to: € 24,01
Phytologist 15 Shampooing from Phyto is the new absolute anti-fall shampoo that helps to wash gently, while stimulating the scalp, protects and optimizes the effect...
From: € 18,20 Save up to: € 4,55
Mesocaps Tricology from Mesostetic are capsules for people with weakened hair and who want to avoid its fall, as well as for people with lifeless and brittle hair. ...
From: € 57,00 Save up to: € 3,00
Lambdapil Anti-hair loss Shampoo from Isdin is a shampoo fortifying and anti-fall recommended for prevention or as a coadjuvant in the treatment of hair loss. This ...
From: € 12,48 Save up to: € 4,70
Lambdapill Anti-hair loss Capsules from Isdin is a dietary supplement that helps to keep hair healthy, curbing the fall and promoting growth. Strengthens hair from ...
From: € 25,48 Save up to: € 6,37
Lambdapill Anti-hair loss Lotion from Isdin is a lotion that helps to treat alopecia genetics, reducing hair loss and promoting healthy growth. Protects the hair fo...
From: € 41,08 Save up to: € 10,27
L'Oréal Professionel
Inforcer Anti-breakage Cream Leave In from LOréal Professionnel is an anti-breaker fortifying softening cream infused with Vitamin B6 and Biotin for a reduction of ...
From: € 11,77 Save up to: € 9,63
L'Oréal Professionel
Inforcer Night Anti-Breakage Serum from LOréal Professionnel is a serum that acts through the night. This anti-break gel serum does not require rinsing and is quick...
From: € 11,77 Save up to: € 9,63
La Roche Posay
Kerium Shampooing Complément Anti-Chute from La Roche Posay is an anti-fall shampoo.Restores body and density to fiber. Ideal complement of anti-fall care. Ideal fo...
From: € 13,47 Save up to: € 3,37
Beauté & Éclat Cheveux et Ongles Comprimés from Ecophane is a tablet food supplement that brings shine to the hair and nails.The hair becomes stronger, softer and s...
From: € 26,52 Save up to: € 6,63
Beauté & Éclat Cheveux et Ongles Sachets from Ecophane is a seasonal food supplement for the care of brittle and prone to falling nails and hair.Fortifies hair and ...
From: € 44,72 Save up to: € 11,18
Beauté & Éclat Cheveux et Ongles Poudre from Ecophane is a powdered food supplement that returns shine to hair and nails.The hair becomes stronger, softer and shiny...
From: € 38,47 Save up to: € 9,62
Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo from Viviscal is a shampoo that gently cleanses the hair, leaving it with a dense and filled appearance.The botanical fragrances ...
From: € 14,04 Save up to: € 3,51

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