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René Furterer
Melaleuca Gel Exfoliant Antipelliculaire from René Furterer is an exfoliating gel for sufferers of severe dandruff. Formulated with Damascus lumps and enriched with...
From: € 25,43 Save up to: € 6,36
René Furterer
Melaleuca Shampooing Antipelliculaire Gras from René Furterer is an anti-dandruff shampoo for oily hair. Formulated with Cimentrio, Curbicia extract, and Melaleuca ...
From: € 17,16 Save up to: € 4,29
René Furterer
Melaleuca Shampooing Antipelliculaire Sec from René Furterer is an anti-dandruff shampoo for dry hair. Formulated with Cimentrio, Curbicia extract, and Melaleuca es...
From: € 17,16 Save up to: € 4,29
Sebovalis Hair Solution from Sesderma is an anti-dandruff treatment and scaling for the scalp, face and ears. Formulated with Lithium Gluconate, Piroctone Olamine a...
From: € 21,53 Save up to: € 5,38
Shu Uemura
Cleansing Oil Shampoo Anti-Dandruff from Shu Uemura is a shampoo designed to deeply cleanse hair while detoxifies and rebalances the scalp.Formulated with shiso ext...
From: € 43,58 Save up to: € 10,90
Bain Anti-Pelliculaire - Specifique from Kérastase is a shampoo that removes dandruff and protects the dry and oily hair from the dandruff for 8 consecutive weeks. ...
From: € 21,34 Save up to: € 16,42
Cure Anti-Pelliculaire Anti-Récidive from Kérastase is a treatment for oily scalp with dandruff or dry.4 weeks of treatment, applying 3 times per week....
From: € 56,45 Save up to: € 14,11
ScalpSync from Matrix is a hair care line specially formulated for normal to oily hair. These formulas cleanse and purify the scalp with an invigorating complex Kol...
From: € 13,20 Save up to: € 14,89
Dercos Vichy
Shampooing Anti-Pelliculaire is a Dercos Vichy anti-dandruff treatment with a double effectiveness: to target dandruff and its reappearance. This formula was specia...
From: € 16,12 Save up to: € 4,03
Dercos Vichy
Shampooing Anti-Pelliculaire Sensitive is a Dercos Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo specially formulated for sensitive scalps. This formula offers a double action agains...
From: € 12,48 Save up to: € 3,12
Scalp Therapy - Schwarzkopf is a Schwarzkopf haircare range specifically designed to treat oily, sensitive and dandruff and flaking-ptone scalp. These formulas are ...
From: € 10,36 Save up to: € 18,41
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