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Aura Botanica Bain Riche Travel-Size from Kérastase is a nourishing shampoo that allows 48H of deep nutrition. It also acts as a pollution protector to prevent part...
From: € 6,70 Save up to:
Moisture Recovery Shampoo from Joico is a smooth and creamy shampoo, gently washes hair without removing natural moisture.Releases lost moisture in each hair strand...
From: € 13,44 Save up to:
Phytophanere Fortifying Vitality Shampoo from Phyto is a shampoo for daily care and vitality.Ideal complement to Phytophanere capsules, this shampoo gives energy to...
From: € 11,34 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Indigo Volume Boost Volume Shampoo from Wella Professionals is a volume shampoo for fine hair. Lightweight, Wella Professionals Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo does not...
From: € 12,44 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Invigo Blonde Recharge Warm Blonde from Wella Professionals is a refreshing conditioner that keeps the warm multidimensional color of blond hair warm. Its color pig...
From: € 14,00 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Service Color Post Treatment from Wella Professionals is a light post-color treatment that protects and enhances the results of oxidative colors (demi and permanent...
From: € 11,07 Save up to:
BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze Chocolate Micellar Shampoo from Schwarzkopf is a shampoo of a mixture of brown pigments that reinforce the color and care ingredients that pe...
From: € 8,57 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo from Wella Professionals is a shampoo for damaged hair will help repair hair and leave it clean and cared for.The EDDS technology of t...
From: € 9,97 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Nutricurls Waves Shampoo from Wella Professionals is a light shampoo for wavy hair without adding sulfates.This product gently removes impurities, nourishes and hel...
From: € 9,97 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Nutricurls Micellar Shampoo from Wella Professionals is a micellar shampoo for curly hair that gently removes impurities, providing definition, nutrition and anti-f...
From: € 9,97 Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Color Motion Color Protection Shampoo from Wella Professionals is a color protection shampoo that protects hair color and maintains hair elasticity.Dull hair regain...
From: € 9,97 Save up to:
KPL Plus
KPL Plus Dermatological Shampoo from KPL Plus is an anti-dandruff and anti seborrheic dermatological shampoo.This shampoo is indicated for the hygiene of hair and s...
From: € 14,14 Save up to:
Defy Damage Protective Shampoo from Joico is an indispensable shampoo to treat existing damage and prevent future damage to hair strands.This shampoo was specially ...
From: € 15,23 Save up to:
Genesis Poudre Détox from Kérastase is a detoxifying and purifying powder for weakened hair, with a tendency to break.This is a combination cleansing product for ev...
From: € 2,15 Save up to:
Shu Uemura
Muroto Volume Shampoo Fine Hair from Shu Uemura is a paraben-free silicone shampoo for fine hair.This shampoo cleanses and gently infuses hair volume. Creates a reb...
From: € 30,16 Save up to:
René Furterer
Okara Blond Brightening Shampoo from René Furterer is a shampoo that gently cleans and sublimates the shine of natural blond hair, with highlights or dyes.Helps pro...
From: € 14,93 Save up to:
René Furterer
Okara Color Protection Shampoo from René Furterer is a shampoo that gently cleanses dyed hair, while preventing the fading of paint.It captures and preserves the co...
From: € 14,93 Save up to:
René Furterer
Okara Silver Toning Shampoo from René Furterer is a shampoo with a concentration of violet correcting pigments.This shampoo gently cleanses while neutralizing unwan...
From: € 14,93 Save up to:
Densiage Redensifying Shampoo from Ducray is a redensifying shampoo with a unique fragrance with notes of oriental fruits.This creamy, yet lightweight shampoo resto...
From: € 19,19 Save up to:
Anti-Pollution Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint from Klorane is an aquatic mint shampoo suitable for hair exposed to pollution.This biodegradable shampoo washes the ...
From: € 10,44 Save up to:
Blond Me Detoxifying System Purifying Bonding Shampoo from Schwarzkopf is a shampoo that gently removes impurities from the hair of the outer layer and mineral accu...
From: € 10,79 Save up to:

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