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Anti-Stretch Marks from D Aveia is a cream composed of active substances responsible for restoring the integrity and elasticity of the skin. It uniforms the structu...
From: € 14,02 Save up to: € 4,03
Natural Caring Oil from Eucerin é um óleo anti-estrias desenvolvido especificamente para as necessidades da pele seca e sensível, mesmo durante a gravidez. Óleo nat...
From: € 15,66 Save up to: € 4,50
Jeanne Piaubert
Belly Lift Gel Crème Minceur from Jeanne Piaubert is a cream that helps to recover the flat and defined belly. Its revolutionary active formula, Actigym TM, mimics ...
From: € 46,53 Save up to: € 12,93
Jeanne Piaubert
Dnaslim Gel-crème Minceur Nuit from Jeanne Piaubert is a night-slimming gel-cream.This night slimming care is able to combat the genetics of cellulite and chase fat...
From: € 74,81 Save up to: € 20,78
Jeanne Piaubert
Slimfocus Cream from Jeanne Piaubert is an advanced weight loss formula inspired by cosmeceutical, innovative experience at the crossroads between traditional "cosm...
From: € 44,87 Save up to: € 12,46
Jeanne Piaubert
Slimpassion Sérum Intégral from Jeanne Piaubert is a serum that offers 7 slimming actions and visible results in a week. Leaves the body firmer and toned....
From: € 74,81 Save up to: € 20,78
Jeanne Piaubert
Speed Dieting Crèmes Minceur from Jeanne Piaubert is a set of two creams composed of two new generation formulas, a brand new combination of innovative active ingre...
From: € 93,20 Save up to: € 25,89
Jeanne Piaubert
Supermince+ Gel Ultra-Amincissant Anti-Yoyo from Jeanne Piaubert is a global weight loss treatment based on the anti-yoyo concept, helps you find a dream silhouette...
From: € 45,33 Save up to: € 12,59
Jeanne Piaubert
Vergeturyl Cible from Jeanne Piaubertis an anti-stretch mark care that contains Regu-Stretch, which reduces stretch marks; Deepaline, which avoids tensions and fill...
From: € 38,83 Save up to: € 10,79
Jeanne Piaubert
Vergeturyl Cible from Jeanne Piaubert is a cream that works in 2 levels against the stretch marks: it helps to prevent the same reinforcing the resistance of the ep...
From: € 49,47 Save up to: € 13,74
Huile Affinante au Gingembre Blanc from Sisley is a beauty oil to provide lightness and tonicity to the legs.This product offers a global response to women who suff...
From: € 100,88 Save up to: € 50,87
Sothys Athletics Gel Chauffant Lissant from Sothys is a gel with an original formula with an immediate heating effect for two possible uses:Heat Supply: The heating...
From: € 37,72 Save up to: € 7,40
Anti-Stretch Mark Lotion from Sesderma is an anti-stretch mark lotion that treats and prevents the onset of stretch marks caused by hormonal changes, weight changes...
From: € 26,55 Save up to: € 7,63
Anne Möller
Tri-Attack Anti-Cellulite Gel from Anne Möller is a multifunctional anti-cellulite gel that helps reduce the "orange peel" texture, reshapes the silhouette and cont...
From: € 22,48 Save up to: € 11,33
Cellu Slim 45+ Soin Anti-Relâchement from Elancyl is a cream gel indicated to combat cellulite in women over 45 years. It contains a new specific active ingredient:...
From: € 35,06 Save up to: € 10,08
Huile de Soin Vergetures from Elancyl is a dry oil, which helps to correct and prevent stretch marks caused by hormonal changes. Its formula in rich dry oil contain...
From: € 20,81 Save up to: € 5,98
Correcteur Vérgetures Gel-Crème from Elancyl is a cream gel for all situations in which stretches appear (puberty, sudden change in weight, postpartum). Its active ...
From: € 18,81 Save up to: € 5,41
Crème Prévention Vérgetures from Elancyl is a cream, which helps to moisturize and prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Its creamy, rich textu...
From: € 32,94 Save up to: € 9,46
Slim Design Nuit Cellulite Rebelle from Elancyl is a triple action anticellulite cream - smoothens the hair, releases the lipids and promotes physiological drainage...
From: € 36,18 Save up to: € 10,40
Slim Design Ventre Plat from Elancyl is a cream, which helps to moisturize, thin, soften and firm the skin. With caffeine, cecropin, ivy, PCA, floridzine and xantox...
From: € 32,58 Save up to: € 9,36
Slim Design from Elancyl is a triple action anticellulite cream - smoothens the hair, releases the lipids and promotes physiological drainage. The Caffeine Complex ...
From: € 35,56 Save up to: € 10,22

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