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Jeanne Piaubert
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Jeanne Piaubert
Vergeturyl Cible from Jeanne Piaubertis an anti-stretch mark care that contains Regu-Stretch, which reduces stretch marks; Deepaline, which avoids tensions and fill...
From: € 38,83 Save up to: € 10,79
Jeanne Piaubert
Vergeturyl Cible from Jeanne Piaubert is a cream that works in 2 levels against the stretch marks: it helps to prevent the same reinforcing the resistance of the ep...
From: € 49,47 Save up to: € 13,74
Anti-Stretch Mark Lotion from Sesderma is an anti-stretch mark lotion that treats and prevents the onset of stretch marks caused by hormonal changes, weight changes...
From: € 25,94 Save up to: € 7,63
Huile de Soin Vergetures from Elancyl is a dry oil, which helps to correct and prevent stretch marks caused by hormonal changes. Its formula in rich dry oil contain...
From: € 20,34 Save up to: € 5,98
Correcteur Vérgetures Gel-Crème from Elancyl is a cream gel for all situations in which stretches appear (puberty, sudden change in weight, postpartum). Its active ...
From: € 18,38 Save up to: € 5,41
Crème Prévention Vérgetures from Elancyl is a cream, which helps to moisturize and prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Its creamy, rich textu...
From: € 32,18 Save up to: € 9,46
Phytolastil Ampoules from Lierac is a stretch mark correction serum indicated to be used at the time of puberty, pregnancy and weight variations. Its formulation, h...
From: € 30,64 Save up to: € 12,02
Phytolastil Gel from Lierac is a gel, which helps to correct and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Moisturizes, softens and attenuates stretch marks. Improve...
From: € 16,07 Save up to: € 6,30
Clarins Crème Masvelt (Body Shaping Cream) helps streamline contours and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Formulated with Sveltonyl complex to sculpt, tone and firm b...
From: € 39,50 Save up to: € 19,92
Clarins Soin Complet Special Vergetures (Stretch Mark Control Clarins) is a stretch mark treatment ideal for pregnant women. Thanks to crowberry and centella extrac...
From: € 36,98 Save up to: € 18,65
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