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Topialyse Baume Lavant from SVR is a gentle cleansing gel for dry and sensitive skin. As effective as a treatment, it is the first sulfate-free balm for very dry an...
From: € 18,57 Save up to: € 4,64
Germisdin Calm Intimate Hygiene from Isdin is a daily intimate gel containing a unique formula that helps to soothe burning and irritation. It soothes itching and i...
From: € 11,39 Save up to: € 2,85
Germisdin Intimate Hygiene from Isdin is a daily intimate gel containing a unique formula that helps to soothe burning and irritation. Cleans, refreshes and softens...
From: € 9,57 Save up to: € 4,10
Germisdin Feminine Hygiene Wipes from Isdin are wipes impregnated with Germisdin intimate hygiene gel, without altering the natural balance of the resident flora, m...
From: € 6,76 Save up to: € 1,69
Germisdin First Feminine Hygiene from Isdin is a gentle gel for the daily intimate female hygiene of children. Gel without soap that cleans gently and without dryin...
From: € 9,88 Save up to: € 2,47
Uriage Bariéderm Cica-Gel Nettoyant from Uriage is a cleansing, soothing and purifying gel for irritated skin hygiene. It has a mild, soap-free cleansing base with ...
From: € 13,72 Save up to: € 3,43
Uriage Cu-Zn+ Gel Anti-Irritations from Uriage is a cleansing, soothing and purifying gel that was formulated for irritated skin hygiene....
From: € 15,08 Save up to: € 3,77
Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant from Bioderma is a cleansing gel on mousse, which helps to gently wash, while moisturizing, soothes and protects the skin....
From: € 13,31 Save up to: € 3,33
Atoderm Crème Lavante Nettoyante from Bioderma is a cleansing cream for sensitive and dry skin hygiene. Formulated with Jojoba and Zinc Gluconate, it preserves the ...
From: € 7,18 Save up to: € 4,55
Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant from Bioderma is a cleaning care for very dry and atopic skin. Formulated with Vitamin PP and purifying agents, it fights the prolife...
From: € 21,63 Save up to: € 5,41
Sensibio DS+ Gel Nettoyant Apaisant from Bioderma is a mild cleansing gel for those who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis. Enriched with the exclusive DSactiv paten...
From: € 17,53 Save up to: € 4,38
Hidraven Foamy Soap Free Cream from Sesderma is a daily cleansing care for all skin types, especially intolerant or acne skin. Enriched with extracts of Chamomile, ...
From: € 20,70 Save up to: € 5,17
D.S. Gel Nettoyant Gel Moussant Régulateur from Uriage is an unctuous cleansing gel and ultra smooth. Its formula with Uriage Thermal Water, the patented complex TL...
From: € 16,12 Save up to: € 4,03
D.S. Émulsion Soin Régulateur from Uriage is a regulator care for the face and body. Formulated with Thermal Water Uriage, the TLR2-Regul Complex Piroctona Olamine,...
From: € 16,12 Save up to: € 4,03
GYN-8 Toilette Intime Gel Apaisant from Uriage is a soothing gel for intimate hygiene. Designed to think of irritated mucous is formulated with Uriage Thermal Water...
From: € 9,10 Save up to: € 2,28
Hyséac Pain Dermatologique from Uriage is a purifying and soothing action soap. Formulated with Uriage Thermal Water, Piroctona Olamine, Fireweed Extract, glycocoll...
From: € 11,96 Save up to: € 2,99
Pain Surgras from Uriage is a dermatological soap. Formulated with gentle cleansing base without soap, I'lllipé butter extract, moisturizing agents and cleaning and...
From: € 7,18 Save up to: € 1,79
XeraCalm A.D Lavante Relipidant da Avène is a facial cleansing oil and body for atopic skin, irritated, itchy and/or drought. Its formula cleans gently, reduces itc...
From: € 20,79 Save up to: € 5,20
Maxi Size Firming Shower Oil from Collistar is a daily beauty treatment that ensures total hygiene while softens the skin. This oil is the result of advanced techno...
From: € 27,18 Save up to: € 11,65
La Roche Posay
Cicaplast Lavant B5 from La Roche Posay is an ultra soft foam to soothe and cleanse, without drying, irritated and fragile skin of adults, children and infants.To p...
From: € 9,10 Save up to: € 2,28
Luxe Velvet Foam Body Brush Head from Clarisonic is a brush head with long ultra filaments to provide an intransigent cleaning efficiency with enhanced hydration re...
From: € 35,50 Save up to: € 3,94

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