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Foot Cream from D Aveia is a cream intended for the specific care of the feet. With 30% Urea, it eliminates hyperkeratosis (callosities) and decreases skin thicknes...
From: € 12,69 Save up to: € 3,73
Cracked Heel Foot Cream Intensive Repair from Neutrogena is a cream that helps to repair cracked heels from the 1st day. Relieves instantly, moisturizes intensely a...
From: € 8,40 Save up to: € 2,47
Feet Cream from Neutrogena is a moisturizing feet cream, non-greasy and fast absorbing, for the care of dry skin with a tendency to form calluses and callosities. M...
From: € 7,96 Save up to: € 2,34
Ultra-Hydrating Foot Cream from Neutrogena is a moisturizing foot cream, with a non-greasy texture, for dry and chapped skin. Rich in glycerin, it hydrates the feet...
From: € 12,02 Save up to: € 3,54
Xerial Crème Fissures et Crevasses from SVR is a cream suitable for repairing fissures and cracks in the feet and hands of all types of dry skin. It is a unique for...
From: € 12,33 Save up to: € 3,63
Xerial Peel Masque from SVR is an exfoliating mask for feet. Often ignored, the feet are neglected in the care routine, and because of this, calluses appear. To rem...
From: € 17,50 Save up to: € 5,15
Xerial 10 Crème Pieds from SVR is a foot cream that nourishes and softens the skin of dry feet. Through the patented Ureia Pure SVR technology, with 10% urea, it so...
From: € 12,15 Save up to: € 3,58
Xerial 30 Crème Pieds from SVR is a specially formulated foot cream for nourishing and moisturizing dry and very dry feet. The foot is intensely hydrated, thanks to...
From: € 10,17 Save up to: € 2,99
Xeria 50 Extreme Crème Pieds from SVR is a recommended foot cream to reduce calluses and persistent calluses on dry feet. Thanks to pure 50% concentrated urea techn...
From: € 13,71 Save up to: € 4,03
Ureadin Podos Db Cream For Diabetic Skin from Isdin is a cream that controls dryness of the feet, reducing fissures and stinging sensation, keeping the feet hydrate...
From: € 13,92 Save up to: € 4,10
Ureadin Ultra 40 Exfoliant Gel-Oil from Isdin is a cream that moisturizes and softens the areas with calluses and roughness, promoting an intense exfoliation, suita...
From: € 13,17 Save up to: € 3,87
La Roche Posay
Lipikar Podologics Concent Relipid Pied from La Roche Posay is a replenishing straightener and refreshing for feet concentrate.This product soothes, nourishes and i...
From: € 11,33 Save up to: € 3,33
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