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Huile Sensorielle from Lierac is a fragrant moisturizing oil for face, body and hair. It has antioxidant and restructuring properties, which help to stimulate cell ...
From: € 27,03 Save up to: € 6,76
Topialyse Crème Barriere from SVR is an anti aging irritant repair cream. Provides enhanced anti-risk action: calms itchy sensations during periods of stress or dai...
From: € 11,91 Save up to: € 4,13
Dermatosic from Valmont is a treatment solution that specifically addresses minor skin problems of inflammatory origin. In just a few days, it helps to reduce redne...
From: € 83,75 Save up to: € 27,92
Body Nurturing Cream from Valmont is a voluptuous moisturizing balm. This balm helps to fight against the discomfort sensations of all skin types, and more specific...
From: € 214,02 Save up to: € 71,34
Cicapost Cream from Isdin is a cream that is indicated to repair the skin with scars and reduce pigmentation. Recommended for use after laser, minor surgeries or pe...
From: € 16,64 Save up to: € 4,16
Pso Skin Psorisdin Daily Cream from Isdin is a daily specific care cream to moisturize and normalize the thickened psoriatic skin. Especially indicated in the most ...
From: € 13,21 Save up to: € 3,30
Ureadin Rx Rd Lotion from Isdin is an urea-based lotion that softens and protects irritated skin by regenerating it by the action of hyaluronic acid. Ideal for trea...
From: € 28,60 Save up to: € 7,15
Ureadin Rx 10 Lotion from Isdin is an intense moisturizing body lotion for the daily care of dry and scaly skin. With emollients that restore the skin barrier.Exclu...
From: € 24,05 Save up to: € 6,01
Ureadin Rx 20 Emollient Cream from Isdin is a cream intended to moisturize and soften dry and rough skin such as elbows, hands, feet and knees. It is indicated to m...
From: € 11,34 Save up to: € 4,06
Ureadin Rx 30 Emollient Cream from Isdin is a cream intended to moisturize and soften dry and rough skin such as elbows, hands, feet and knees. It is indicated to m...
From: € 13,99 Save up to: € 5,46
Gel d Eau Thermale from Avène is a specially formulated thermal water gel for the immediate relief of burn pain.It limits the evolution of the burn and keeps the sk...
From: € 12,02 Save up to: € 3,01
Bariéderm Cica-Crème from Uriage is a repairing and healing cream, ideal for small injuries and irritations of the day to day of the whole family....
From: € 8,84 Save up to: € 3,77
Uriage Bariéderm Cica-Spray from Uriage is a spray that has a calming and restorative effect, which makes it especially suitable for skin with atopic tendency....
From: € 10,92 Save up to: € 2,73
Swiss Perfection
Cellular Firming Body Lotion from Swiss Perfection is a firm body lotion based on botanical extracts and vitamins rejuvenates, nourishes and softens the skin....
From: € 121,88 Save up to: € 3,13
Roger & Gallet
Baume Précieux Régénérant Rose by Roger & Gallet is a precious regenerating balm. Enriched with Rose extracts, petals and oils, it softens and appeases the skin at ...
From: € 21,84 Save up to: € 5,46
Roger & Gallet
Thé Vert Lait Réparateur Nourrissant by Roger & Gallet is a nourishing and regenerating milk. Enriched with Shea Butter and Green Tea extract, nourishes, moistens, ...
From: € 14,04 Save up to: € 3,51
Juvelia Nutri-Restore Décolleté Concentr from Givenchy is an anti aging nourishing care for the neck and neckline. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Sh...
From: € 73,13 Save up to: € 1,88
Atoderm Intensive Baume Ultra-Apaisant from Bioderma is a treatment that returns health and comfort to your skin. Formulated with the unique Lipigenium complex, the...
From: € 18,05 Save up to: € 7,02
Atoderm PP Baume Ultra-Nourrissant from Bioderma is a care that returns comfort to your skin. Formulated with the unique Lipigenium complex, the active ingredient P...
From: € 20,79 Save up to: € 7,15
Cicabio Arnica+ Bleus, Coups et Bosses from Bioderma is a care for bruises, trauma and bumps. Formulated with the patented complex Antalgicine, Zinc and extracts of...
From: € 8,32 Save up to: € 2,08
Cicabio Crème Réparatrice Apaisante from Bioderma is a restorative care that relieves discomfort and aids healing. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Copper, Zinc and...
From: € 9,31 Save up to: € 3,77

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