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Christian Dior
Diorshow Bold Brow from Christian Dior is an eyebrow mascara that leaves them exuberant, bulky and trimmed immediately. It gives a natural look that highlights the ...
From: € 27,67 Save up to: € 6,92
Make Up For Ever
Pro Sculpting Brow Palette from Make Up For Ever is a 4-in-1 palette that creates, defines and molds eyebrows like a pro. Contains an applicator - Eyebrow Grooming ...
From: € 50,33 Save up to: € 5,59
Make Up For Ever
Aqua Brow from Make Up For Ever is a waterproof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines and lengthens eyebrows. It contains in its formulation volatile oil and carnau...
From: € 22,57 Save up to: € 2,51
Make Up For Ever
Brow Liner from Make Up For Ever is a unique liquid eyebrow eyeliner to fill and set the eyebrows with expert precision and intense colour. Its formula contains hig...
From: € 28,94 Save up to: € 3,22
Make Up For Ever
Brow Gel from Make Up For Ever is a versatile eyebrow gel that naturally fills, prepares and strengthens the hairs. Brow Gel creates an authentic dimension, filling...
From: € 23,87 Save up to: € 2,65
Eyebrow Couture Definer from Givenchy is a creamy pencil for eyebrows. For daring, intense and sculpted eyebrows. This retractable and creamy pencil is easy to appl...
From: € 25,11 Save up to: € 0,64
Waterproof Eye Brow Designer from Artdeco is a pencil for eyebrows with a brush. This pencil combines colour, powder finish and a precise stroke. The durable, water...
From: € 11,28 Save up to: € 2,82
Ultra Fine Brow Liner from Artdeco is an ultra thin eyebrow eyeliner with a very thin tip. Precision eyebrows: thanks to its thin point, the ultra-thin waterproof l...
From: € 11,18 Save up to: € 2,80
Gel Cream for Brows from Artdeco is a cream gel fixative with colour for eyebrows. It makes the eyebrows look fantastic without getting crowded. The scattered areas...
From: € 10,25 Save up to: € 2,56
Powder to Cream Brow Color from Artdeco is an innovative loose powder that turns into a slight texture after application. Eyebrow style as smooth as ever: Easy appl...
From: € 13,06 Save up to: € 3,27
Eye Brow Pencil from Artdeco is a pencil for eyebrows with precise tip. Semi-rigid tip that turns into a natural range of colours. Long lasting, matte texture. This...
From: € 4,61 Save up to: € 1,15
Eye Brow Powder from Artdeco is an eyebrow powder slightly pigmented on a magnetic base. Soft texture with neutral tones. The powder makes the eyebrows look very na...
From: € 4,61 Save up to: € 1,15
Brow Perfector Caucase from NARS is a velvety eyebrow pencil to create fine art forms. Perfectly defines the symmetry of the face with smooth precision and ease. A ...
From: € 26,50 Save up to: € 2,95
Mister Brow Fix from Givenchy is a universal transparent gel that shapes the eyebrows and keeps them in place. It leaves the eyebrows that prepared throughout the d...
From: € 25,11 Save up to: € 0,64
Great Brows from M.A.C. is a new eyebrow kit with everything you need to create arched eyebrows in seconds....
From: € 44,96 Save up to: € 5,00
Le Crayon Sourcils from Guerlain is a clever pencil for eyebrows that subtly lifts and structures the eyes.The new product essential for a face full of intensity an...
From: € 24,55 Save up to: € 6,14
Christian Dior
All-In-Brow 3D Backstage Pros from Christian Dior is a professional kit for defined and long lasting eyebrows.Inspired by the techniques of professional makeup arti...
From: € 56,34 Save up to: € 14,09
La Palette Sourcils from Chanel is an ideal kit for perfectly defined eyebrows.An eyebrow tweezer, an eyebrow brush to tame, and an applicator brush to fill areas w...
From: € 44,66 Save up to: € 1,15
Les Beiges Palette Regard Belle Mine Naturelle from Chanel is a palette that reveals a radiant, fresh and rested look at any time of the day.Its harmony of five nat...
From: € 56,55 Save up to: € 1,45
Mini Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit is an easy-to-use pencil that fills and shapes the eyebrow.This pencil is the solution for asymmetrical and irregular eyebr...
From: € 13,64 Save up to: € 4,55
Make Up For Ever
Pro Sculpting Brow 3-in-1 Pen from Make Up For Ever is a 3 in 1 pen for sculpting and setting the eyebrows. Become a professional with this pen that allows you to s...
From: € 31,96 Save up to: € 3,55

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