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La Base Lissante et Protectrice from Chanel is a complete primer that optimizes the application and duration of the nail polish.This primer makes the nails even mor...
From: € 24,81 Save up to: € 0,64
Infinite Shine 1 Primer from OPI is a base of high definition and brightness.Brightness lasting up to 10 days. Removal without imbibition....
From: € 19,08 Save up to: € 2,12
Chip Skip from OPI is a base that prepares the natural nail surface to enhance the bond with your nail polish, preventing chipping in the fingernails and toenails. ...
From: € 27,77 Save up to: € 3,09
Fixateur Base is a Stendhal nail base to provide top brightness, brilliance and long-lasting results. A smooth texture with a 2 in 1 action to help fix the color an...
From: € 15,23 Save up to: € 3,81
  Start to Finish - OPI is an OPI 3 in 1 treatment. This formula is a base coat, nail strengthener and top coat all together to create a professional result. ...
From: € 19,44 Save up to: € 2,16
  Natural Nail Base Coat - OPI is an Opi protective base to promote a long-lasting manicure. This formula was specifically enriched to prevent staining of nat...
From: € 14,85 Save up to: € 1,65
Fill the Gap! is a smoothing base coat to moisturize and level the nail plate whilst helping to prevent weak brittle nails. This conditioning formula contains fine ...
From: € 9,70 Save up to: € 0,40
Quick-e is a drying formula specially developed to accelerate the drying time and pamper your nails. Essie exceptional formulas overcome expectations and guarantee ...
From: € 9,70 Save up to: € 0,25
Shine-e is a high intensity glossy polish refresher for optimum shine after a manicure. Essie exceptional formulas overcome expectations and guarantee amazing resul...
From: € 9,70 Save up to: € 0,25
First Base Coat adhesive base for the nail polish to 'hold' onto. Its adhesive active ingredients help glue polish to the nail surface for superior chip resistance ...
From: € 9,70 Save up to: € 0,40
Sensitivity Base Coat is a hypoallergenic base to prevent peeling and splitting by hydrating your nails. This formula was specially developed for sensitive skin....
From: € 9,70 Save up to: € 0,40
Mavala 002 Double Action is a base coat to use before applying your colored polish. This formula stops pigments in nail polish from coming in direct contact with th...
From: € 13,29 Save up to: € 5,69
Mavala Ridge-Filler is a base coat to fill in ridges of the nail plate and create a uniform smooth nail surface, perfect for polish to adhere to. Plus helps polish ...
From: € 13,69 Save up to: € 5,87
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